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Infographic: 9 No-Fail Tips For Giving Constructive Feedback at Work

For many professionals, providing constructive criticism is one of the most challenging aspects of being a manager or mentor in the workplace.

While most people want to see their colleagues improve and grow, it can be difficult to offer real-time feedback, especially when it’s negative. Though these are sometimes hard conversations, they are essential for employee development and retention.

Benefits of constructive criticism

Providing negative feedback can be challenging at times, but the benefit of regular feedback to both the company and the employees far outweigh the short-lived discomfort they may bring.

A Gallup study found that little to no feedback left 40% of employees feeling disengaged with their work, meaning that regular feedback can lead to greater engagement. Feedback can also lower turnover, as companies who provide it regularly have on average a 14.9% lower turnover rate. What’s more, providing constructive criticism aids in professional development, with 57% of survey respondents saying feedback helps them improve and grow.

How to give feedback the right way

To make the conversation easier, keep a few key tips in mind. Taking time to prepare before offering your thoughts, providing actionable ways the employe can improve and being open to receiving feedback yourself are all ways that you can have an honest, authentic dialogue with colleagues at all levels.

For more tips on how to give constructive criticism at work, check out this infographic Fundera created. The visual offers no-fail tips for providing negative feedback at work and is guaranteed to make awkward feedback conversations a little easier.

9 No-Fail Tips For Giving Contructive Feedback at Work

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