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Thanks to modern-day technology, the world of work have never been more diverse. Instead of the working the traditional 9-5[...]
After a long and satisfying summer spend relaxing and adventuring, the turn of fall signals that it’s time to be[...]
Attorneys may garner most of the attention, but they are not the only people hard at work in the courtroom.[...]

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Our writers are certified professionals that have experience helping individuals from all walks of life overcome obstacles and reach their career goals. Through this blog, we want to help you find your passion, land your dream job, give you the tools you need to succeed and the confidence and skills to lead a more fulfilling professional life.

Mary Kruger

Mary works with overwhelmed professional women who are stuck in their career, by helping them rise above the competition, get the job they truly want and the money they deserve - faster and with less hassle. She specializes in working with mom’s, (she’s a mom too!) - helping them gain balance, clarity and success, taking back their lives as she did with hers. With over 10 years of coaching... 

Sally Anne Giedrys

Sally Anne Carroll

Sally Anne Carroll is a life/career coach for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to re-tool their work, define success on their own terms and design healthy, balanced lifestyles that match their strengths and priorities. She’s a freedom-focused advocate for helping clients reimagine, redefine and reinvent the status quo to achieve their personal vision of success and fulfillment...

Marla Williams

Marla Williams

Marla Williams is an intuitive life, career and business coach who has experienced tremendous success guiding individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs through a groundbreaking process to discover their purpose and capitalize on their distinctive gifts so they can begin to forge their own unique path in this world. She has a BA in Organizational Development, is a certified life coach...

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​Career success stories from real people who have experienced the benefits of working with a career coach to change careers, start their own business or move up the career ladder.

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Career Coaching​

Career coaching is a type of personal coaching that helps people find greater fulfillment in their careers by establishing professional goals, creating a plan and overcoming obstacles that may be in the way.

Career coaches can help people with a wide array of career-related issues. Some seek career coaching because they’re stuck in a dead-end job that brings no meaning or purpose, while others are challenged by the demands of balancing their work lives with their personal lives. Some clients know exactly what they want to do with their lives, but need help finding and executing a plan to get there, while others have languished without a clear calling in life. Career coaching helps people with all of these concerns and more.

Career coaches typically have experience and training in a variety of personal career development strategies, including:

  • Career exploration
  • Interviewing skills & confidence building
  • Creative job search strategies
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Career, personality and strengths assessments
  • Personal marketing and branding
  • Evaluating prospective employers
  • Salary negotiations