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How To Ensure You Choose The Right First Job After College

Job offers are like a godsend for college graduates. When students start getting them, it becomes a huge challenge to balance between self-promotion and careful consideration. Several traps are waiting for graduates on their way to the right first job. Given that so many recent grads are unemployed, you feel pressure from family, friends and […]

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The 3 pm Feeling: Effects of Sleep Deprivation in the Workplace

In the digital age, the phrase “9-to-5 job” has begun to lose it’s meaning. With many freelancers suddenly finding themselves in viable roles amid mainstream industries, there is now the possibility of crafting your own schedule to whatever works best for you. With some sense of responsibility that might mean the freedom to work on […]

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The Top Hard & Soft Skills You Need To Master To Improve Your Career

As a rule, people plan their future depending on their needs, ambitions and opportunities. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that most people want to improve their career prospects. It is likely that those who don’t regard their current company as a temporary place before switching to a new, more promising job. In order to […]

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Getting a Dream Job Doesn’t Have To Be a Dream

One of the few major problems of the world is its growing population. A problem that is frequently attached to population is lack of employment opportunities. If you consider all of the other people out there searching for a career, being able to land your dream job can seem almost impossible. This is simply not the case. As they […]

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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills at Work

Being the leader of a team means more than just a high-ranking title. It is true that it offers you the authority to tell others what to do, but if you’re an ineffective leader, you’ll fail to lead your team towards the company’s goals. Getting the job is just the first step, as you’ll walk into […]

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The Benefits of Having a Job While In College

On the face of it, working while studying doesn’t seem a reasonable proposition since it can reduce study hours. But many students are not fortunate enough that they can sustain their college expenses, leaving them to avail the only option – work while study. According to a research conducted by the Georgetown University Center on Education […]

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Grab a Recruiter’s Attention with an Outstanding Personal Statement

Does your existing resume begin with a generic “objective statement” informing the reader the type of roles you are looking for? Let me guess that it reads something like this: “I am a highly motivated, hard-working self-starter looking for opportunities in the IT sector that will allow me to apply my strong technical skills.” If […]

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Key Tips for Entrepreneurs Starting a Successful Business

Creating your own business from scratch isn’t easy and requires a lot of your time and effort in order to succeed. You need to figure out why your business should exist, create a solid business plan in order to get it off the ground (and stay afloat) and figure out how to fund your venture until it […]

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The Right and Wrong Ways to Network

Networking is one of the most useful tools for personal and professional development. Many people fear networking, especially if they haven’t done it before. However, the benefits of networking can be huge. Networking is great for making crucial contacts that can help you land your dream job or to develop and complete a new and […]

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5 Hobbies You Can Do During College That Can Make You a Better Employee

Your hobbies can make you more productive Everyone has a hobby or at the very least, an activity that they love and enjoy doing (even if it’s sleeping). Some hobbies – nay, most hobbies – are not very productive or beneficial to your personal development. Playing PlayStation games, gambling, watching movies and scrolling through Facebook or […]

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