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6 Ways to Find a Job Without Tipping Off Your Current Employer

Unhappy at work, but don’t want to give up your income before you have a backup plan? Keeping your cool while trying to find another job can be stressful. However, the #1 time to look for job opportunities is while you still have stability elsewhere.

No boss wants to feel cheated on by their employees, so be tactful during your secret application process. Skim over these tips to see what you can do to keep your job search under wraps!

DON’T: Broadcast the nature of your search online

You might think this one is obvious, but believe it or not, employees are still being ousted by those they thought were friends on social media. Use social media with caution and discretion.

DO: Use the LinkedIn feature called “signal

Through this new feature, you now have the ability to show recruiters that you’re looking for jobs and LinkedIn does its best to keep that information unavailable to anyone at your current job.

DON’T: Scroll though job postings on your work computer

Don’t search for jobs or really anything that you wouldn’t want your boss to find out about. It’s pretty simple – avoid your office computer when it comes to anything secret. You risk losing respect and even your job if your company tracks your history.

DO: Job search throughout the workday and make sure you are using personal devices

Use lunchtime, stretch breaks and other alone times throughout the day to job search on your phone or tablet. Take calls outside the building, in your car, on a walk or anywhere not on company premises.

DON’T: Wear out of the ordinary attire

If your uniform has been jeans and a t-shirt for two years, don’t suddenly show up in a tailored suit and gelled hair. You might think you can fly under the radar, but colleagues and supervisors will notice.

DO: Bring a change of clothes

Get creative with how and where you perform your quick-change. Ladies, throw on a casual sweater over an interview dress to dress it down. Guys, take off the blazer if it’s too out of character.

DON’T: Slack off at your current job

Searching for one job and continuing at another one at the same time can get overwhelming. When you suddenly start underperforming, colleagues will know what’s up.

DO: Over deliver

As former CEO, Jack Welch once said, over delivering is the key to everything. Keep up your side hustle and continue to over perform at your current job.

DON’T: List current bosses as references

Nothing could be worse than your boss finding out you’re shopping around from anyone other than you.

DO: Enlist former bosses

No need to let them in on your secret search unless you fear he or she and your current boss might meet. Make sure they can offer insight into your skills and strengths. If you didn’t leave that job on good terms either, reference inner circle colleagues. Sometimes, all a future employer needs to hear is that you’re a hard worker and a trusted colleague.

DON’T: Print your resume at the office

Best case scenario, you execute the task successfully and slink away unnoticed. Worst case scenario, the printer jams just as you click “print” and the maintenance crew leaves all five copies on the counter for your boss to question you about.

DO: Go to Staples, a friend’s house or your local library

I once had a client get creative and ask to print her resume at a local community college. Anywhere but your place of work!

We hope these help you successfully search for a new career while you are still employed!

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