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Why Confidence is the Key to a Successful Career

Most people will often give you the advice, “Be confident.” These people treat confidence as a key trait that one must always possess and for good reason. Confidence is feeling certain about yourself – your knowledge, skills, and values– and being able to convey this through your actions. It sits right in the middle of arrogance and low self-esteem.

Why, then, is confidence so important? Especially in the workplace? A recent study conducted by the University of Melbourne found a direct correlation between high confidence-levels in as early as primary school and career success as adults. Here, we list some of the reasons why confidence is needed in the workplace:

Increased productivity at work


Confidence can lead to a high level of productivity in the workplace. It can help you get more things done since you are certain of what you can and cannot do. This means that you can use your strengths to your advantage and at the same time, improve on your weaknesses. This sense of self-awareness is key towards career success, as you achieve more goals you have set for yourself.

Enables you to effectively communicate


Exhibiting confidence in the workplace lets you effectively communicate your ideas and thoughts in a concise and eloquent manner. Professionals who possess confidence can convey their message in a way that both their clients and co-workers can easily understand. Having confidence is a key step towards career success as it enables you to influence people through the way you communicate.

Gain respect from your colleagues


As most of us know, respect is something earned rather than something freely given. You can gain respect from your colleagues and superiors by showing that you know your worth and unique value as an employee. This means that you should consistently show confidence as you perform your tasks, no matter how big or small it is. Also, respect should be mutual. Although you are confident in the work you have done, remain a good listener, especially when others voice their opinions or give you constructive criticism. Being able to listen and respect other people’s views is also a necessary factor towards achieving career success.

Creates an assertive personality


The workplace is a battlefield full of obstacles and challenges every single day. Therefore, it is a must that you demonstrate an assertive personality for you to face these challenges head on. When you show confidence in your work and your opinions, other people will also be reassured of your competence. In turn, you will also gain their trust. Moreover, having confidence is crucial in decision-making. Being certain of the things you can and cannot do will guide you in making the right decisions at work.

Encourage oneself

Confident people tend to be more willing to take on challenges than people with low self-esteem. This is primarily because they trust in their abilities. Oftentimes, having confidence is that little push we need from ourselves to go beyond our limitations. Thus, confidence remains to be the trait that sets you apart from other people. It is an invaluable feature of a successful worker as it leads to higher productivity at work.

Influences other people


A famous American football coach, Vince Lombardi, once said that “Confidence is contagious and so is lack of confidence.” He was right in pointing that out, since having a confident role model also pushes one to act the same way. As both a leader and a team member, you should exhibit confidence in the workplace while helping others do the same. Helping other people build their confidence is also vital step towards career success.

Confidence will make you stand out

Standing out in your workplace is necessary, especially when you want your thoughts and opinions to be heard and make a difference at your workplace. Confidence can be seen in a person. It manifests in the way that person walks, talks and socializes. It will make the difference in one’s appearance as confident people tend to have taut shoulders, raised chins and a powerful stance.

Being confident is crucial to career success given the various reasons mentioned. However, building your confidence in the workplace also entails a lot of work and self-motivation. It is best to develop your confidence early on and it can start by honestly assessing your skills and capabilities. Being self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses can prevent you cross the thin line between arrogance and confidence.

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