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Things to Know Before Starting a Career in Cybersecurity

Building a thriving career behind the comfort of your trusty keyboard has become easier than ever before in the wake of the digital revolution, as every company not only needs an IT team, but also a skillful cybersecurity tech team to keep nefarious intent at bay.

Cybersecurity in particular is on a steady upward trajectory as a popular and lucrative career option in the modern world. This is due to an ever-increasing number of companies experiencing cyber-attacks and breaches as the online invaders are becoming more zealous and experienced than ever before.

Luckily for you, this means that there are plenty of great career paths out there, allowing you to become a part of almost every industry in the world. That being said, following this career choice will not be without its hurdles and challenges. Let’s dig deeper into the five things you should know before joining the world of cybersecurity.

There is a myriad of opportunities

If there is anything an aspiring individual in this field should not be worried about, it’s the lack of jobs on the market or low-income jobs. Given the increasingly high demand in the field, private companies (and government institutions, for that matter) are willing to pay top dollar for a skilled expert with a proven track record.

However, what’s best about this career path is the fact that you don’t necessarily need to have five or 10 years of experience under your belt to land a job (more on that in bit), as companies are looking for strong technical knowledge and the right personality first and foremost. This also means that a job opportunity can come from a myriad of places – from AI technologies, through medical, all the way to government jobs – the global market is ripe for the picking!

Learn to bear the weight of responsibility

By no means is maintaining and improving a company’s security systems an easy or stress-free job. In fact, depending on the type of business you’re in bed with, this can oftentimes be a taxing responsibility that could impact your emotional and psychological well-being if you do not learn to block stress and retain positivity in the workplace. This is simply due to the amount of sensitive data you need to keep secure on a daily basis, and the amount of pressure that could fall on your shoulders from higher up.

This should not discourage you, however, because modern-day businesses will not only help you remain stress-free and comfortable in your workplace, but they will also introduce innovative software to make your job easier and your work more effective.

Keep up with the learning curve

Like the majority of modern-day jobs, this one requires constant learning in order to stay on top of the latest and most relevant trends in the industry that will not only give you an edge as a professional but bring true value to your company, as well. This is why picking the brains of managed security experts that dominate the industry is a great way to stay ahead of the game and implement their solutions into your IT department.

Along with learning about innovative software and the most effective cybersecurity solutions from industry leaders, you also want to obtain all of the relevant certifications that will further solidify your position in the company. Not only that, attending relevant courses will help you build your experience level faster.

Your clearance level will influence your lifestyle

There is no way around it, as someone handling extremely sensitive data, you will have to shape your lifestyle to fit your company’s rulebook. Adhering to a rather strict personal lifestyle is normal in this type of profession and you can expect your employer to impose all kinds of rules you must follow, depending on your clearance level.

You might find yourself having to report whom you’ve spoken to on a daily basis, the type of people you socialize with, when and where you’re traveling, how you spend your money, etc. Some people simply cannot function well under this kind of scrutiny, so take the time to think the whole thing through before applying for a job.

Technical knowledge outweighs experience

Earlier, we’ve touched the subject of skill vs. experience and although having adequate experience is never a bad thing, companies hiring cybersecurity experts consider it to be just a perk – your technical knowledge bears more weight. This is an excellent opportunity for novice job-seekers in the field to land a great job without having to apply for an internship or volunteer first.

However, volunteering whenever you can in order to expand your skillset and move towards specialization in the cybersecurity sphere is never a bad idea, so don’t discredit this option right off the bat, especially if you find yourself unable to immediately land a high-paying job. Remember, it’s always better to be that applicant that brings experience as well as expertise to the table.

Cybersecurity is becoming one of the most sought-after career opportunities in the online world and companies from around the globe are increasingly looking for top talent that will safeguard their data pools against malicious intent. With these industry insights in mind, you can finally take the next big step towards a successful career in the industry.

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