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5 Awesome Jobs That Fill Your Pockets To Explore The World

People dream of that job that pays them to travel the world. It is basically the job that is made out of passion and not by any obligation. For travelers, the ultimate dream is to see every place, go everywhere and, in today’s time, there are jobs that can allow you to travel the world and get paid for it.

Imagine living your life as you dream, it is possible to turn your dream into reality by making money while traveling abroad. Some of these jobs require creativity and some require immense practice and skills. Here are some of the jobs that can take you around the world if you are fit for them.

Travel blogger

Travel writing and blogging is the most trending profession among travellers and backpackers. The catch here, though, is the fact that you have to deliver unique content to the audience. Gone are the days where you express your self-obsession in your travels and expect readers to like it.

In this information age, you have to deliver proper information to the readers as well as stories that mesmerize them so much that they refer to your blog to know something new, interesting and beautiful. Travel blogging is a huge market today. Airlines and travel companies sponsor trips for good travel bloggers to travel, cover and write, so that they have an idea about business opportunities at destinations.

Keep in mind, though, that it could take a few months before you can even think about making money from it. If you are good at travel blogging and you find corporations liking your work enough to want you to travel, then you are on the right track.

Travel Blogger


It is true that it is always profitable to know as many languages as possible. If you are fluent in more than one language, your travels will be taken care of. Translators and interpreters are not only recruited for guiding purposes but by explorers to help them understand cultures. Translators are also consulted to translate books.

As far as tour guiding is concerned, translators are one of the most important individuals in such work. In a country like India, which is that of rich culture and attracts thousands of international tourists every year, being a translator and an interpreter is a very profitable job, especially if you are located at a tourist destination.


Freelance photographer

Photography is the eye of the world. The industry of travel is nothing without photography because it conveys to you how beautiful the world is and with it, instills hope and aspirations to go out there and see the world. Travel and wildlife photography can offer you every bit of joy and learning experience that you want both from traveling the world and from the career of photography.

If you are interested in capturing images related to travel, street and culture (and if you are good at it), there are numerous companies all over the world who want to buy your photography and they will pay you to travel on assigned projects and you can keep doing that as long as you do your job well and of course, if you want to.

Freelance photographer

Travel tour guide

This is another job that people look up to when they dream about traveling the world. It is not easy to become a tour guide. You have to understand your clients, know your places and finally, deliver your duties in a unique style. If you excel as a tour leader, hundreds of world-famous companies will surely recruit you at one go.

But the question arises – are you good enough for it? Are your communication skills that commendable to attract tourists the next time to travel with you? The risk in tour guiding lies in the fact that reviews decide your future. If your delivery is not up to the mark, you might be fired and you might land in the middle of nowhere. The best way to tackle this is to be the best prepared as possible.

Travel tour guide

Resort/hotel worker

Bars, clubs and restaurants are found worldwide and the expected set of responsibilities is essentially the same all around. If you wish to work in a bar or hotel in a place where you don’t know the language, you will need to put resources into some language classes. Touristy spots will be simpler to look for some kind of employment. Furthermore, the more experience you pick up as a server or bartender, the more openings for work will open up, with a potential for a higher salary. Bartenders are one of the most sought-after individuals in the market of tourism.

Resort/hotel worker

Traveling is the best way of learning. These above jobs take you closer to what you call “living the dream,” but, on the flip side, it comes with a lot of challenges. Education and practice are both important to be good at anything and this principle applies for these above jobs too. Your creativity will decide how far you go in any of the above professions. But after all, if it is your passion, believe in yourself and go for your passion and you will surely travel with the world.

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