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Follow These Steps to Get Your Dream Job

Keeping your eye on the prize while you are still in your college years can sometimes prove extremely beneficial. The prize in this case would be your dream job, of course.

If you have some companies in mind that you would love to work for, tighten your handcuffs and get to work while you are still in your senior year.

If you are past your college years and still haven’t found that amazing job, not to worry! Your dreams are still within reach, if you are willing to put in the work to get there.

Here are some steps to follow to lead you to your dream job:

Research companies

The most important factor in getting your dream job is to identify what your dream job looks like. This means you have to carry out detailed research of all the companies related to your area of expertise. While you may have an idea of the industry you want to work in, companies have different cultures and values. By doing your research you will have a better understanding of which positions at which companies are best aligned with not only your skills, but your values.

To conduct your research, follow these steps:

  1. Go through the website of the companies you are interested in
  2. Review the mission statement of different companies
  3. Go through the “About us” section to understand the culture of the company
  4. Join various forums or discussions on social media related to the company in order to understand their management, products and services better
  5. Go to the websites like Glassdoor, O*NET, LinkedIn and RightJobs to get more information on the company and the past and present employees.

All of your research will take you a step closer to your dreams. As you continue to gather information, every fact you come to know about the company might be an answer to one of the questions they can ask you during the interview.

When you visit the websites of the companies you are interested in, you will likely find their social media links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler and Google+. Go to these pages and like them. This will provide you regular updates about what new is happening in the company and this will also help you understand the company better.

Create deadlines

It is always good to set some rules when you start a task and the same goes when you begin the hunt for your dream job. You cannot delay this process or drag it for a long time, as this will only make you lose your vision and you might get distracted. Moreover, delaying this process will make you forget about a lot of useful things you researched in the past. So, create some deadlines for each step and try to follow these deadlines strictly.

If you need some help setting and following deadlines, hiring a career coach is a great option, as they will hold you accountable every step of the way.

Approach the companies

Don’t shy away from getting in touch with the companies you are interested in. If you have any direct questions that only the company can answer, send them a polite email asking for more details. Or better yet, ask if you can set up an informational interview. This will not just get you the answer to your questions, it will also get you noticed, as the HR department will get to know your name and the extent of your interest and passion for their company.

What you should avoid

Just like the proper channels and steps you need to follow in order to get your dream job, there are some things that you need to avoid in order to keep away from any inconveniences that will hinder.

  • Social media mess

You have to be very careful about what your social media profiles look like. Social media is a factor that can sometimes make or break your shot at a company or even an interview. Most companies do a proper background check on the people they are hiring and therefore, you need to clean up your social media right way if you are on the job hunt.

  • Don’t delete your history

Keep all the pages you open in a browser while you are looking for a job as bookmarks. This will help you keep track on what your progress is and what are the things that you should learn from and not repeat again.

  • Don’t get discouraged

The job process can be tedious at times, so it can be easy to get discouraged. If you are feeling worn down, then take a deep breath and remember the end goal. If you need someone to help keep you motivated and accountable through the job search, hiring a career coach is a great option.

Another reason not to get discouraged is, when you are feeling negative your messages or phone calls to companies will reflect this. It’s important to remain confident, positive and energetic when you are communicating with potential employers. If you are really having a tough day, avoid applying for jobs until your mood lifts.


They say, you should do what you love and are passionate about. This is said for a reason. If you are following your dreams, you tend to work harder and hard work always pays off.

About the Author Mahnoor Niazi

Mahnoor has been working as a freelance writer for the last four years and has worked on various projects like the open source summit and also writes for fashion blogs. She now works with Right Jobs, helping them increase the job opportunities in Pakistan.