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Infographic: How to Appear More Confident in Job Interviews

Job interviews are one of the times in your life when you most need to appear your most confident whilst often feeling a complete lack in confidence inside.

They are a stressful experience for almost everyone, no matter how qualified you might be for the role or how self-assured you might normally be. However, despite how you are feeling, it is essential to hide those nerves from the interviewers and not let them affect your performance.

Luckily, there are ways you can exude confidence on the outside, regardless of the butterflies in your stomach and studies have shown that merely projecting self assurance is enough to actually boost your real confidence levels. Much of it comes down to posture, which is a hugely important thing to get right in a job interview because it has such an impact on the first impressions you make.

Making eye contact with your interviewers is an easy way to avoid coming across as nervy, as strong eye contact is seen as one of the main indicators of confidence, so just maintain a natural level of contact by alternating between looking at their eyes and mouths when they talk. Sit up straight rather than slouching, as this will help you appear confident and also reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

How you speak is also a major indicator of confidence, so try not to talk too quickly and make sure you end your sentences by dropping your pitch rather than raising it as if you were asking a question, as that can make you seem uncertain about what you’re saying. For the same reason, use clear language and avoid filler phrases like ‘erm’ and ‘um’, and this will help you sound confident.

Faking confidence in difficult situations like job interviews is something that takes practice, but these tips from Pounds To Pocket can help! Check out the infographic below, take notes and you will be on your way to wowing interviewers with your poise and self assurance, no matter how you really feel inside.

Infographic: How to Appear More Confident in Job Interviews

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