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The 20 Best Jobs You Can Get By Learning a Second Language in 2018

Not many people are learning a foreign language out of pure satisfaction. Most of the time, they want to use that language in one way or another. When it comes to getting better jobs, a foreign language opens many doors to success.

So have you placed the goal “learn a foreign language” in your New Year’s resolution list? When you go through the descriptions of the 20 cool jobs a foreign language can get you in the next year, you’ll definitely be more committed to that goal.

Most popular languages to learn in 2018

Before listing the jobs, let’s go through the list of languages that are most likely to get you hired:

  • English

In the era of globalization, it’s the language that most people speak. This language dominates the global market for translations, and it’s the only hypercentral language in the global language system.

  • Mandarin Chinese

This is the second most spoken language in the world. China is the world’s fastest growing major economy. Clearly, Mandarin opens tons of job opportunities.

  • German

If you’re into technology or automobiles, you’ll definitely benefit from speaking German.

  • Spanish

It’s one of the four most spoken languages in the world, so it’s definitely useful for job seekers. It’s relatively easy to learn (in comparison to German and Chinese), so it’s no wonder why so many people choose it.

The 20 best jobs a foreign language can get you in 2018

You’ve been waiting for this part, right? Well, here’s the list of the most attractive jobs that require mastery of a second language:

1. Product localization manager

Average salary: $83,500

Did you know that Avon products were different in China? All global corporations need product localization managers. They investigate the market and the audience of a specific country, so they can deliver products in accordance with the location.

2. Field researcher

Average salary: $59,194

The world needs researchers and discoverers. We don’t know everything there is to know about old civilizations and we don’t know all about remote tribes. If you learn a foreign language, you could become a field researcher in your target country.

3. Small business liaison officer

Average salary: $65,022

A liaison officer helps two parties negotiate. He’s responsible for coordinating their activities when they work on a big project. When these two companies come from different countries, the liaison officer is required to speak both languages.

4. Tour guide

Average salary: $29.712

If you know a foreign language, you can guide groups of people speaking that language through your own country. You can also guide people from your country through the foreign country. It’s a job related to traveling and lots of communication.

5. Podcaster

Average salary: It depends. According to Paysa, it’s $86K. But, each podcaster earns differently.

As a podcaster, you may work for an organization or as an individual. People who are learning foreign languages are often looking for listening material. You can provide it for them.

6. YouTuber

Average salary: $3 – $5 per 1,000 video views

If you’re not camera-shy, you can have your bilingual YouTube channel. The more you engage your audience, the more money you’ll be making.

7. Blogger

Average salary: $49,132, but it is really a case-to-case basis.

You can help people learn a foreign language through your blog, so it will have to be bilingual. You can also create a blog from any niche and make it bilingual. You’ll have greater chances to attract a bigger audience that way.

8. Teacher

Average salary: $43,689 for elementary school and $48,029 for high school

If you master the second language well and you go through the education needed for becoming a teacher, you can become part of the educational system.

9. ESL teacher

Average salary: $41K

You may teach English to foreigners in your own country, but you may also travel and teach. If you teach English to Spanish speakers, for example, you can travel across 20 countries.

10. Salesperson

Average salary: $42,153

If you live in an area that’s highly populated by a foreign nation, you can become a very successful seller by speaking their language. You may even create a bilingual online shop and sell your products there.

11. Essay writer

Average salary: around $30 per page, depending on the agency you work for.

Many students are willing to buy their academic papers online. That’s where essay writers come in. Antonio Tooley, an editor at EduGeeksClub, explains: “We’re constantly getting requests for writing essays in a foreign language. It’s an expanding industry, and I can safely say that people with great writing skills and fluency in a second language will take over it in 2018.”

12. Motivational speaker

Average wage: $225 per hour. The yearly salary will depend on your hourly wage and the number of speeches you give throughout the year.

If you see yourself as a motivational speaker, a second language will only expand your working potential.

13. Children’s book writer

Average salary: $50,837

Children’s books are attractive not only for kids, but for language learners of all ages. If you want to help people learn a foreign language, you should certainly consider this profession.

14. Flight attendant

Average salary: $39K

Knowing a second language is pretty much an essential to become a flight attendant and will boost your chances to get a job for specific flights. If, for example, you speak Chinese, you can work for an airline that frequently flies to China.

15. Translator

Average salary: $45,294

As the publishing industry develops, people will have extensive reading options in 2018. When you know two languages and you have a thing for literature, this is a great profession for you. A translator can also work for magazines, newspapers, and all types of organizations.

16. Subtitle translator

Average salary: $1 – $4 per minute

Netflix started recruiting subtitle translators in 2017. Throughout 2018, this job will be even more attractive. The network is doing its best to be available to viewers across the world. Knowing any foreign language can get you there.

17. Interpreter

Average salary: $40,145

As an interpreter, you’ll be facilitating the communication between two parties. You may work as an independent interpreter, but you may also get a job in an international corporation.

18. Game translator

Average salary: around $45K

Did you grow up playing games? If you learn a foreign language, you can translate cool games.

19. Online tutor

Average salary: $47,916

Since there are many international students that attend universities in Canada and the US, knowing at least two languages will make you a more popular online tutor.

20. Private tutor

Average salary: $34,928

If you prefer direct contact with students, you may choose to be a private tutor. As such, you’ll be providing private tutoring sessions to help students pass exams. When you know a foreign language, you can give lessons to students learning that language. You can also help the native speakers of that language learn any subject.

So many choices… That’s a good thing! Did you pick the language? Did you pick your preferred profession? Stay focused and you’ll get there!

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