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5 Ways to Answer an Interviewer’s Questions in 30 Seconds

In a job interview, the first 30 seconds count. In fact, the majority of employers tend to make decisions about hiring new applicants through their first impressions. If you want to get hired and achieve career success, you should know how to deal with the interview questions in the most timely and efficient manner.

Interview questions are supposed to challenge you and make you think on your feet. This tends to make a typical job interview one of the most distressing moments of your life. Fortunately, you can prepare yourself in advance.

I have prepared five helpful tips to help you answer interviewer’s questions under 30 seconds and achieve career success in the long run.

1. Create a crafty “me in 30 seconds” statement

Most employers will begin a job interview with a question like, “Tell me about yourself” or “Why should I hire you?” The best way to respond to this question is by showing how your experiences, interests and skills could contribute to the company. This can be done through a “me in 30 seconds” statement, often referred to as a 30-second elevator pitch. Through this short statement, you can pique their interest and give a brief and compelling answer to the above questions.

A well-crafted “me in 30 seconds” statement should include:

  • Your career goals and preferred position.
  • A few accomplishments which you believe exceed the requirements for the position you’re applying for.
  • The traits or skills which you believe make you unique compared to other applicants.
  • A bit of personality – hobbies, interests, goals, etc.

Remember to keep it short, as interviewers appreciate succinct answers to their questions.

2. Answer behavioural questions by mentioning previous experiences

Behavioural questions are used to make you think and allow you to describe your previous work experiences in detail. How you answer the behavioural questions will give the interviewer insight into how you might respond to a particular situation in the future.

One example is when your interviewer asks you to tell them about a situation when you were a part of a team and one member wasn’t fulfilling his duty. The best way you can answer this is by following this approach:

  • Describe a situation where you were able to showcase your strengths.
  • Describe the course of action you took to solve the problem.
  • Describe the result of your action and ensure that the outcome reflects well on you.

Also, don’t forget to connect your story to the position you’re applying for to convey why you will be an asset to the company.

3. Showcase your strengths and weaknesses

One of the most common questions asked during job interviews is “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” To answer this, you need to consider which of your strengths are the most applicable to your preferred position. Also, don’t forget to provide brief examples to back your claim. If asked about your weakness, don’t hesitate to share honestly. However, make sure you back them with solid examples of how you manage to overcome your weakness.

4. Make your answers easy to understand

Most job applicants tend to make the mistake of creating the wrong impression by coming up with an introduction speech that is very difficult to understand or is very long-winded. They believe that by using fancy words and statements, they can easily impress their interviewer. However, this actually has a negative impact if you aren’t clear and concise. Instead of making things difficult, it is a lot better if you come up with an introduction that is simple and easy to understand.

5. Make your answers audible and clear

While answering the interviewer’s questions, it is very important that you are audible and clear. If you speak too quietly or mumble, they may think that you lack confidence or aren’t able to answer the question. If you want to achieve career success in an  interview, make sure you present your answers in an audible volume that can be heard by everyone.

It’s okay to take a minute to gather your thoughts before answering, no interviewer is going to hold it against you if you pause before responding. In fact, it will show that you care about being clear and making your point.

The bottom line

Always remember that your first interview is your only chance to make a great first impression – something which helps you achieve career success in your venture.

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