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Infographic: Getting a Job with a Disability

Infographic- Getting a Job with a Disability

It can be more difficult for people with disabilities to secure employment than it is for able-bodied folks, with much research underlining this observation. Eurostat calculated that less than 48% of adults with a disability are working full time, almost 20% lower than the employment rate of able-bodied people. Why is it that disabled job […]

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Infographic: What Side Hustle Should You Try?

Infographic- What Side Hustle Should You Try-

Too many people are making do by living paycheque-to-paycheque because their regular job doesn’t pay enough to provide any extra spending money – but they don’t have the confidence to go out and start their own business. Yet, today it’s easier than ever to dip your toes into the pool of entrepreneurship using your undervalued […]

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Infographic: The Importance of Empathy in Your Career

Infographic- The Importance of Empathy in Your Career

A large part of how your career progresses will be determined by the relationships you build along the way. Of course, work ethic and competency will play a major role, but you still need to be able to work efficiently and effectively with others and within teams. If you can’t get along with your colleagues […]

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Infographic: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence at Work

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence at Work

Figuring out your EQ – emotional intelligence – and how to develop it can be one of the best tools you can have when it comes to both your personal and professional life. Emotional intelligence has always been a part of human existence, although it took until 1964 for Michael Beldoch to give it a name and it […]

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Infographic: The Best Jobs for People Who Love To Travel

Infographic: The Best Jobs for People Who Love To Travel

Some people just have travel in their bones; a compulsion to discover the wonders of the world and live a nomadic lifestyle is just a normal state for some people. But there is a few things that can quickly stunt those plans to fly around the world and live that kind of lifestyle, one of […]

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Infographic: Navigating Workplace Dress Codes

Infographic_ Navigating Workplace Dress Codes

It’s no secret that first impressions are powerful. Research has proven that people form opinions of others quickly by their appearance alone. In less than one minute, people formulate assumptions of others by their nonverbal behaviors. In an interview this only raises the stakes and increases the pressure to present your very best self. Office […]

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Infographic: How to Wow Potential Employers With Your Email Etiquette

Making an impact with the emails you send can be a tricky business. If you’re looking for work or for a placement, you’re probably in the midst of firing off messages to all the top employers and industry figures in your area and maybe even further afield. Yet, such people receive a ton of emails […]

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The Benefits Of Online Life Coaching

The Benefits of Online Life Coaching

The internet has forever changed our lives in the way we communicate with each other and help each other. In fact, online communication has opened up possibilities that were previously not available to us. You’ve probably heard of online therapy, well, online life coaching is a similar concept in the sense where you are getting […]

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The Surprising Truth About Career Success & Happiness (You Probably Have it Backwards)

The average person spends more time working than any other activity. Unfortunately, nearly 2 out of 3 workers surveyed in the US and Canada say they’re not happy at work. The following infographic explains WHY this is happening and what you can do to “turn that frown upside down” at work. To put this graphic […]

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