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Victoria Abbott-Fleming is the founder of Burning Nights, a CRPS awareness charity based in the UK. She suffers from CRPS, a rare medical condition which causes sharp, burning sensations in the body that are incredibly painful. She took it upon herself to set up a charity to promote awareness of the condition and to provide a support platform for people living with CRPS to discuss their experiences with a community of like-minded others. Connect with Victoria on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+r

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Infographic: Getting a Job with a Disability

Infographic- Getting a Job with a Disability

It can be more difficult for people with disabilities to secure employment than it is for able-bodied folks, with much research underlining this observation. Eurostat calculated that less than 48% of adults with a disability are working full time, almost 20% lower than the employment rate of able-bodied people. Why is it that disabled job […]

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