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How to Make Money as a Writer in 2018

Even in 2018, when the entire world is going digital, people are struggling hard to chart out the best ways of earning money. Over the last 20 years, blogging has become a popular choice for the people who are passionate about writing on the internet.

When it comes to creating content, bloggers, and writers implement strategic methods to make their content appalling and engaging to the audience. There is a common misconception that through freelance writing, bloggers and article writers earn a lot of money.

This is precisely not the case. Some biased opinions might ignite the hidden passion inside you to start writing on the internet, but before even beginning to write, you need to find out ways of earning money from writing.

The ability to write is a valuable skill and judiciously honing this skill will enable you to earn a healthy income at the end of the month. By just putting words together, anyone can start a blog. Then, how will you differentiate yourself from those bloggers? How are you unique in your way?

Well, the answer to these questions lies in your strategy of earning money from your write-ups. Even after crafting an immaculate content, you might end up making an income that is much below your expectation. It all revolves around your ways of ideation and writing articles; whether you are interested in designing creative write-ups or informative blogs for commercial entities.

Writing gives you the flexibility to work anywhere you want. Most of the people in the contemporary world dream of making writing a living but they don’t know how to do it.

Here are a few realistic ways that will help you earn money as a writer in 2018

1) Using marketplaces for freelancers

Finding work through freelance marketplaces is a tactic for those who are new to this world of writing. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and Peopleperhour serve as aggregator channels for the bloggers and creative artists. At first, you need to create your account in these platforms and upload the relevant details of your career.

High-profile organizations and startups are flocking in numbers to these platforms for finding the right set of talents for their interests, As they have already understood “content is the king,” these websites are becoming the converging point for the freelancers around the world.

Although the pay might vary depending on the client and the type of content you are creating, it is needless to say those freelancer websites provide an ethical way of earning money through content creation. Their compliance policies protect the interests of the businesses and the freelancers.

Post the revolution in the field of digital marketing; there is a tremendous increase in registrations of freelancers from all parts of the world who are eagerly waiting for the projects from the top companies.

Here, the authors are protected from fraudulent activities, and their sole purpose of earning money from content is seamlessly served. Here you might receive projects for blog creation, whitepapers, social media content creation, business memes and more in the list.

2) Publishing your own blog

At first, earning money from your blog will seem harsh to you. There are underlying reasons that justify this statement.

Being a newbie, you need to start a blog and create high-quality content stuffed with words that create a stirring impression in the minds of the readers. You need to choose sensible popular topics to write about such as sports, facts, entertainment, politics and technology.

Identify the niche, start researching topics related to that niche, find out the relevant audience and then create content centring your preferred subject. Implement SEO on your blog and make it search-friendly. Whenever a user looks for articles related to the domain of your content, your writing will come to the top of the search results. It would enhance the navigability and popularity of your website.

Socialize your blog on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Quora. Create a noise about your blog through some promotional activities.

Once, you start getting the desired traffic on your blog, register with Google Adsense and start showing advertisements of your website in the leftover spaces of your site. Google will pay you for every impression of the ad running on your web pages.

This is a time-taking process, so expect that it may take up to a year to monetize your blog.

3) Affiliate marketing

By promoting products of e-commerce websites in your content, money-making will become simpler over time. It is more effective than methods of conventional blogging.

Many channels such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart pay a lucrative commission when a single product gets sold through your website.

At first, find the trending products or the products that are breaking sales records in the market. Prepare a list of all those merchandises and create a content plan based on them.

Build an audience that would show interest in your content. For example, if you are promoting fashion merchandises, create content pieces that look faddy to the readers and must be loaded with visually compelling pictures of models and dresses. Such content pieces look impressive in the eyes of your readers who are generally in the age group of 16-25.

Collect email-ids of your readers and send them daily updates on products and offers of your affiliate partners. Create stellar newsletters so that the recipients open them and view the content at least for once.

Publishing high-quality content is an integral part of the life of a writer. Start including your products in the content and spread awareness among your readers. Lastly, brush up your knowledge on the types of products you are selling and reduce the risk of losing out as a writer in the real world.

4) Coaching services

Another way to earn money as a writer is by offering domain-based consultation to the readers. Allow me to explain the process.

Suppose you write articles on topics related to finance and you have commendable expertise in the same domain; then you can start giving one-on-one sessions and group lessons to the readers who will be interested in acquiring information about finance from you. If you are investing in something, what you primarily look at is the ROI. The same case is applicable for coaching classes.

People are paying you for getting their desired result by following your methods. If you help the people with valuable lessons such as ‘how to make more money from mutual funds’, ‘top 5 ways of becoming a millionaire’, ‘how to save money for your future’, you can potentially change their lives.

These results are invaluable to your readers, and once you start tasting success with consultation and coaching videos, you can directly charge higher fees from your clients.

Like other writers, you can offer a consultation package to your clients for a certain amount.

However, you need to follow these tricks to get clients into your business

  • Mention your consultation product in all the emails you are forwarding to your subscribers.
  • Include a brief inkling of your product as a ‘Call-to-action’ at the end of your article.
  • Don’t conclude your webinar abruptly. Take 10 seconds to explain your coaching package.

5) Publishing an e-book

To succeed in life as a writer, you need to have a business-oriented approach in monetizing your skills. A few years back, people would not have dreamt of earning money from their blogs and write-ups.

The emergence of digital reading platforms like Amazon Kindle has enabled you to publish your own book and start earning a livelihood from it.

With the gradual growth in the market of e-books, self-publishing on Kindle is a worthwhile method of showcasing your writing skills and increasing the count of your followers. You need to study the demand of your readers and start writing on topics that are already established in the market.

A lot of writers tend to publish e-books on general topics that are void of valuable insights for the readers. Instead, your content pieces must have that X-factor that will oblige your readers to explore it to the core. Your doggedness and resolute mindset will determine your success in this field. Before earning a single dollar, you may have to publish several e-books.

Your sole objective should be gaining steady tractions from the titles you are writing. Publishing one book and then giving up this whole idea due to the average response from your readers might not be fruitful for your career as an e-book writer.

Consider writing on non-fiction topics and polish your skills as a writer for non-fiction stories. Choose a specific set of topics and publish at least one eBook for each of them. It would help you to understand which topic is recording higher responses from the market and following that trend you can fixate that topic for writing in future.

6) Make money as a marketer

Copywriting is one lucid method of earning dollars from your content. However, it is not a conventional form of writing; it is a specialized type of content that is meant to trigger positive reactions from the readers.

Marketing collaterals like newsletters, sales brochures, promotional quotes, product descriptions and even video scripts are created by copywriters.

Nowadays brands are trying to bridge the gap of communication with their customers, and they are launching initiatives through which they can effectively build an informal channel of connecting with their customers.

Copywriters are helping these brands to abandon their hard-selling practices by innovating the ways of convincing the customers for product sales and branding. Hence, in order to earn a healthy income from copywriting, prior skills are mandatory

Allocate a fixed time of your career in learning the basic tricks of copywriting and establish yourself as a successful copywriter in the field of advertisement.

The final note

Every writer in this world aspires to earn a healthy paycheck through various ways of writing. It is imperative to say that these ways will undoubtedly open the gateway to make money through writing, but they cannot guarantee your success as a writer.

Find out the best way among them that will push you hard and make you savor success as a writer in the future. Dream realistically and do not try to be over-ambitious. Make sure you are giving your 100% to traverse the distance between where you are now and where you want to be.

Writers always have the proclivity of doing something magical or extraordinary that has worked only for a handful of people. However, almost every one of them fails in achieving the desired acclaim as a writer due to their over-thinking attitude and unrealistic goals. Hence the perfect way of dealing with your dreams is to walk down the threaded path of other bloggers.

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