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8 Best Freelance Ghostwriting Jobs Online in 2018

Many writers are opting to do freelance writing because of the financial benefit. Then there are those writers who are afraid of doing ghostwriting in the fear of being conned.

I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of legitimate freelance writing gigs out there and that you can make a lot of money doing so. However, there is a catch. Understandably, most writers want recognition for their writing, in order to make a name for themselves in the industry. Unfortunately, with ghostwriting, you are giving your client all the rights to your work. You will not receive recognition for writing, but rather you are compensated financially.

It is important to know if you are comfortable with the rules of ghostwriting, before you get into it. While you wait for your career to take off, this is a great way to make money. You can always build a name for yourself outside of writing for others. It is difficult to start out making money on your own, but with these options, you are able to do so quickly. Find a ghostwriter website and start to apply!

While you may be concerned that this is a step down, but it’s really just another avenue of writing. As writers, we know that it can be hard to make money in this industry, but we need money to live and this is a fantastic option to make some cash while doing what you love.

Here are some of the best freelance ghostwriting jobs available online.

1. Freedom With Writing

Freedom With Writing is a fantastic website that advertises great jobs for freelance writers and they make sure to only advertise the best. You want to go with a reputable website when looking for ghostwriting opportunities. With the amount of scams online, you can be assured that this website does not fall under that category. The jobs that they advertise help ghost writers earn decent coin and write for a variety of different publications and niches.

2. BlogMutt

Another great website for writers looking for paid work in the United States is BlogMutt. It is basically a network of writers for hire and a place where businesses, who don’t have the time, resources or expertise to write the posts themselves, come to get content for their website. BlogMutt matches these businesses with writers that fit into their niche.

Many website owners and bloggers use this site to advertise any new jobs they have available and you can greatly benefit by popping in every day. While some websites don’t update regularly, which can be greatly disappointing for writers who need work to survive, this website updates daily and the jobs on there are amazing. Go check out this website and you will not be disappointed.

3. Upwork

Many freelancers use Upwork to make a full-time income because of the amount of work there is available there. I have never been on Upwork on the hour without a new job not being advertised. There are more than two million messages exchanged every week, which lets you know that writers and web owners are busy. I always see ghostwriters for hire UK or content writers needed on a regular basis. This happens on the hour and it is a great place to make some extra money. Even though it is not easy finding high-paying clients, you can definitely make a full-time income through this website if you are smart about it.

4. Guru

This website has been around for a long time and is said to be as good as Upwork. There are a ton of jobs posted daily, so you likely won’t be left without work for a long time. The users of this website have earned over $200 million, which says a lot about the success writers are achieving. The clients are willing to pay for quality work and you only need one chance to impress your clients. Competition is fierce on this website, but you are just as good as any of the writers on this site. All you need is your first client, write good content and you are ready to take over the writing world.

5. Freelancer

A lot of writers are finding success on Freelancer, as it is the go-to place for many clients in need of a good writer. Jobs are posted on the minute and they are plentiful, meaning you will surely find what is right for you. Most of the jobs are for writers and programmers, so it fits perfectly for someone looking to find freelance writing work. With the amount of jobs posted daily, this is also one of those websites where you can make a full-time income on just one website. It takes time to build a reputation and clients are a bit weary of newbies. Just keep in mind that everyone was a newbie once and many of them are now successful ghostwriters.

6. Writology

This website is great for clients and writers alike and because focus is given to both sides of the coin, everyone who uses the platform seems to be happy. You want to feel like you are part of an online community and you are able to get that feeling with Writology. You are rated by your clients, so a good rating usually means that you’ll be hired again by other potential clients. Many writers work for the same client for a long time. There is no reason to end your contract when you are doing a good job. It takes time to build a relationship of trust with clients, but it is not impossible. Do the best you can and you will surely have more work than you have time for.

7. HireWriters

There are freelance writers who prefer this website to find work, but you have to be willing to work for a minimal rate. If you are desperate to start earning money, you will surely find work on this website. You just have to decide on what pricing structure you want to work. There is no need to stick to the prices the website offers, because your relationship with your client is personal. Show the client how well you write and they will pay you anything to keep you writing for them. With time, you will be able to find a lot of good gigs on this website.

8. Toptal

This list would not be complete without mentioning Toptal. You can earn a decent living writing for the clients on this website. The only hurdle may be that you need to be accepted before you can work for anyone on there. They are looking for elite writers and boast about it a lot. This is because they guarantee the clients that they will be working with experts, so you have to prove that you are a good writer. There is nothing to lose and I would definitely apply to be listed on their website.


Finding work as a ghost writer has never been easier. With all the blogs and webpages on the net, you can make a lot of money writing. Businesses are realizing the importance of content marketing and are looking for good writers to grow their businesses and traffic stats. This is where you come in with your quality writing skills. Do not let fear stop you from throwing your name in the hat. You have nothing to lose and only a lot to gain. If you do not successfully book your first job, just remember that you can always apply for the next one. With these websites offering new positions daily, there is enough work to go around. I hope you find your perfect freelance writing job.

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