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What Does a Career Coach Actually Do?

Many of you may have heard of life or career coaches and how they help people achieve their goals. But, what exactly is a career coach and what do that actually do?

A life coach is defined as a person who encourages people and offers professional advice on personal matters, life’s changes and career choices. A life coach will spend time working with a person to help them set and achieve goals. These goals may be in their personal lives (strengthening relationships, overcoming personal obstacles) or, when it comes to a career coaching, in their professional lives (making a career transition, getting a job after college).

Assist you in getting a job

Coaches work with clients to help them assess their skills and formulate a plan of action in obtaining a new job. Career coaches will also help clients identify issues and problem areas that might be holding them back from finding their dream career. Issues can range from fear of failure to insecurities and lack of confidence in their skills.

By helping clients identify their fears and other issues, career coaches can set a plan to help the client achieve success. By understanding where the client is in their life, a coach can then help them make that breakthrough they need and deserve. Whether the career goals are to climb the ladder and become CEO or to finally have the courage to pursue their artistic passions, a career coach can help.

Another important part of finding a successful job is finding a career in a field that you will enjoy. A career coach may administer career assessments to help you navigate your strengths and values and find a career that suits your desires, whether it be in real estate, accounting, writing or even starting your own blog.

In this endeavor, your career coach can help you set things up and even find reputable hosting services for your website. When he/she connects you to the right people or companies, that’s when jobs happen.

Provide valuable interview and job search skills

Once a client has a set goal and has an understanding of where they want to go in their careers, the next step of obtaining your desired job comes into play. A career coach can assist in this endeavor as well. The right coach will help you craft your resume and cover letter, tap into the hidden job market, stay on top of your job search and get interview-ready through mock interviews.

Being prepared and feeling confident going into your interview is the key to making a good impression on the hiring manager. A career coach will ensure that you not only know your stuff going in, but that you take the proper steps both before and after the interview to give you the best chance of obtaining the job you want and deserve.

Facilitate you in building a professional network

A career coach has been where you are before, so they understand what you’re going through. They’ve worked through the tough times and they’ve risen above. They’ve also probably met a lot of interesting and valuable people along the way and learned the importance of creating connections.

One of the most powerful things you can do to advance your career is network with others in your field or industry and leverage those business relationships to climb further up the ladder.

Your career coach can help you create an enticing LinkedIn profile, which has become an essential component in professional networking, to help you network with countless people. From there, they will help you understand how to properly reach out and connect with people on the platform, as well as at major networking events or conferences in your desired field.

Through their guidance, you will have the contacts and the know-how you need to succeed in your chosen field.

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