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Feeling Stuck in the Corporate World? A Creative Career Could Be The Answer

Do you feel stuck in your current career? Are you looking for a way to turn your passion into your career? Is your call center or data entry job making your 9 to 5 day feel more like 9 to 9? Do you wish that you could create something that is your very own during your work day? Do you want to feel greater reward and recognition for your work?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be better off in a creative career than where you are right now. To determine whether a creative career is right for you, you should first evaluate your personality.

Which career is best for me?

Here are some key questions to determine whether you have a creative personality type:

  • Do you love making something from nothing?
  • Do you often have a single idea that sparks a whole project?
  • Do your hobbies frequently include building things?
  • Are you highly curious?
  • Are you a unique problem solver?
  • Do you make intuitive decisions?
  • Do you have high energy?
  • Do you daydream frequently?
  • Do you lose track of time when working on projects?
  • Do you enjoy throwing parties or planning events?
  • Do you consider yourself both an introvert and an extrovert?

If more than two or three of these questions describes you, you are likely a highly creative person and you may feel stifled in a career that doesn’t allow you the opportunity to exercise your creativity. If many of the traits on this list do sound like you, then it’s likely that moving to a creative career is right for you.

Creative career options

Here are a few industries that can be very rewarding:

  • Marketing/Advertising – You get to put your creative juices to work in aspects of running campaigns, creating strategy and building content and design across many mediums. This career can be a great mix of structure, data and creativity.
  • Cosmetology – Creating beauty for others can be a very fulfilling career for the creative type. Those who are artistic can also let their artistry come out in their work on their clients. Jobs in the beauty industry are varied and cosmetologists can focus on many areas such as hair, skin, nails or makeup application. If you love showing your creativity on something living, cosmetology could be a great career move for you.
  • Interior design – Interior design is a fantastic opportunity for the creative person to use their skills to beautify living spaces. Once again, it is an art of its own kind. An interior designer is generally only limited by space and a budget, which only provides additional opportunities to be creative.
  • Landscape – If designing the inside of houses or buildings isn’t your thing, you may want to try designing the grounds of homes or businesses. If you prefer the outdoors and love plants and shrubbery, this is the job for you. Not only can you design the landscaping, you can also help implement the design. Landscape and floral jobs are highly satisfying for creative minds.
  • Writing – Many creative people love to write. It is a great avenue for many people to share their passion and use their imagination. There are many opportunities to write through marketing careers, but you can also take advantage of today’s virtual world and even create your own online channels where you can post your writing.

Of course, these are just a few careers in which creative people excel. There are many more! If any of these careers peaked your interest, then a switch to a creative career may be a great move for you. Satisfaction and enjoyment will accompany work, when you get the opportunity to exercise your innate creativity.

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