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10 Signs You Need to Change Your Career NOW

Many of us choose our career paths based on what others tell us. For some of us it’s the only viable option – we don’t know enough about different options to make our own mind about what to do in the future. That is why many people end up in jobs they don’t like, developing careers in fields they’ve always hated.

This can lead to huge personal issues down the line and should be acted on as soon as possible. What are some of the signs that you are ready for a career change? We’ve put together a list of 10 signs you should consider a new career.

1. Feeling tired and drained

The most common sign you are ready for a career change is the constant feeling of being physically drained. You just don’t feel like doing anything, never mind getting out of bed to go to work. You are unmotivated, tired and completely disinterested in work, which is making you less motivated in other aspects of your life.

People who experience these symptoms of depression are likely to develop a full form of the condition, which can seep into other areas of your life outside of work.

Talk to your spouse, family and friends about how you feel and what to do next. Changing your career and starting from scratch is far better than losing yourself and becoming depressed because of your job.

2. Feeling emotionally numb

People who start hating their jobs are likely to become numb to everything around them. Imagine someone who doesn’t react to anything that’s happening around them, whether it’s good or bad. This is only the starting phase of being emotionally numb and it’s dangerous to develop such habits.

If you feel sad, angry or simply frustrated even thinking about your current job, maybe it’s time to consider future options. There must be a career that you have always wanted to pursue but never had the chance – now is the time to act on it.

3. Lack of free time

People who work long hours are often prone to alienating their families in the process. Just because you earn good money and have a stable job doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. When was the last time you went on a weekend trip with your family or friends without stressing about the work you left behind?

Lack of free time is one of the big reasons why people choose to change careers, sometimes completely out of the blue. Life is just too short to spend 80 hours a week stuck in an office away from your home and family – make the change while you still have time to do so.

4. Little to no compensation

While you may be working in a field you like, the money you make might not be what you hoped it would be. People tend to change careers because of financial reasons – it’s important to provide for your family despite what you may think about the current job you have.

Changing your career based on income is a smart move, regardless of the niche you operate in. We live in a consumer society where every cent matters, so choose your new career wisely and based on the income your family really needs.

5. Toxic work environment

Many professions have toxic work environments by default. High-stress careers (lawyers, journalists, public relations) can lead to toxic work environments because everyone is on edge; customer service-focused jobs in retail or the food industry can also prove to be toxic if your dealing with difficult people. If you think that your colleagues and the profession in general are suffocating you, maybe it’s time for a change.

There are also certain companies that have bad reputations for mistreating employees or underpaying staff, so be sure to research potential employers when you are on the job hunt. There are plenty of resources online, like Glassdoor, that offer company details and employee reviews, so you can steer clear of toxic work environments.

Your mental health is far more important than keeping your current job – consult your relatives and friends, even a professional, and start making a change in your life.

6. Wanting something better

Sometimes it’s a simple matter of wanting something better. Do you remember the aspirations you had as a child and all the talks with your parents or early childhood friends about the jobs you planned to have in the future? Even though it didn’t turn out the way you had initially expected, who says that you can’t make a change now?

If you have a constant feeling of wanting to do something better for yourself and your family, focus your energy on a career transition and do some research. If you think that your dream job is worth pursuing and is manageable in a relatively short period of time, why not go for it?

7. Lack of personal development

The number one reason that many young people leave jobs in today’s world is the lack of personal and professional development. People are far more likely to jump into careers when they notice that their development is stagnating. Perhaps it’s time to put a sharper focus on your personal and professional development — instead of just learning new skills in another job you may not even like, figure out a career that would make you happy and take some courses to get there.

If you’re worried about juggling college courses and a job to pay the bills, you can opt to use a writing service, such as Get Academic Help, to help you keep up with your school work. This professional writing service can also assist you when you are ready to look for a new job, as they are equipped with resume and cover letter writers.

Don’t put yourself on the line for your boss and suffer through the same mundane routine day after day. If you feel that you are in need of further education and personal development – it’s time to take the steps needed to change your career. It’s far better to make a leap of faith and land safely on the other side than to clench your teeth and suffer.

8. Boredom and impatience

We all get bored during our working hours from time to time. However, if you are struggling to make it through your work day without being bored to tears, maybe it’s time to change something. Becoming impatient and aggravated while at work means something is clearly wrong –  either you are unsatisfied with your work because it has become tedious and repetitive,  you can’t stand the people you work with or it’s the environment itself that makes you wish you had called in that morning. Whatever the reason, you spend far too much time at work to be miserable.

If it’s the day-to-day responsibilities that are boring you, try looking for career alternatives that present a stark contrast to your current position. Even if the new career is isolated and independent it can make a huge difference in your mood and productivity.

9. Jealousy and apathy

Feeling jealous of your friends and their successful careers might be an indicator that you feel bad about your own career state. Being apathetic about everything around you and jealous at people who are developing their careers doesn’t bode well. This often means that you should look for alternatives and consider a different career, one that involves progress and development for you.

Feeling insecure and frustrated just because people are evolving their careers means that you are yearning for something similar, so don’t wait another second and act on it. Talk to your friends whose careers seem tempting and try to find a balance for yourself in searching for a similar career path.

10. Changing for the worst

The biggest and most serious sign that it’s time to change your career is when you notice the job is changing you for the worst. The people around you will notice that you are different, but in a bad way. If your good friends notice a change in you, they will likely talk to you about it – use this chance to gain an outside perspective into your mood and talk with trusted people to find out whether it’s related to your job or if something else is up.

You can often get valuable insight from people around you that you wouldn’t notice otherwise. If this job or work environment is changing you for the worst as a person and a professional – make a change. You only have one life and you should do everything you can to make it as positive and fruitful as possible.


Changing a career is far more complicated than it seems – it often involves changing more than just your job. It may require more education, papers and skills that you might not have. Regardless of the steps it takes to get there, it’s something that you should definitely consider if you have found yourself in these signs. The repercussions of working in a job that you don’t like or even hate are far more serious than spending a few months establishing a new career, so don’t waste any time and get right to it.

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