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What To Do If You Hate Your Job

If you hate your job and are not sure what to do next then this blog post will give you a wealth of information in making the right decision!

So, Monday mornings suck and you cling to the weekend for a little bit of happiness in your life, but even that somehow is ruined by the fear of the new week rolling around. You know you’ve got to get up to go to work, but you really want to just leave and never return.

I have been there and I never want to go back. I know how it feels and my heart goes out to anyone in this situation. I think it’s so sad to think that the majority of people do exactly this. Even worse, they grow to accept it for their entire existence. I am writing this in hopes that you will detach yourself from that belief and acknowledge that life is what you make of it. If you choose to accept this slave-like existence then that’s what is ahead for you. So wake up and tell yourself you deserve better because you do. I don’t know you yet, but you do!

You DO have choices

Gone are the days of having no choice. You have choices every single day in a multitude of ways. We create these for ourselves and the decision we make today affects the options we have tomorrow.

So I’ll ask you this: At present, are the career choices you are making day-in and day-out working out for you?

The likelihood is that they are not. But that’s cool. We’ve got solutions. There is no reason to attach ego to this and get mad about making bad career choices. Some people are more successful and have happier lives than others because they were taught how to. It’s just like when you meet someone who hasn’t learned a skill that you have. You are not better than them. You were just privileged to get that experience.

Change your perspective

So what is the first solution? Change your perspective on your current job. Look at your current job as an investment. An investment in you. An investment in your ability to build resources, to build your dream picture and to then be ready to achieve it. Your day-to-day job is there for you to fund your dream.

The idea is to make every single day at your existing job a worthwhile investment. What do I mean? Use the time you have outside of focus, research, learn and make your dream life happen a reality.

When people think about getting their dream job, they often think of the end goal as being so big and unachievable that they get discouraged and never start. You don’t need to move mountains. That’s what a lot of people think. Hence why they stay in their dead-end jobs for their entire professional life. It’s a snowball effect, it’s stepping stones. The key to success is stamina and consistency.

Start taking action

After you decide that it’s time to make better career choices, explore other options and pave the path to your dream career, it’s time to take action. In this day and age, the internet is our primary source for information and professional connections. By using various platforms and networks, you can discover the career options outside of your current job and work towards making a career transition.

Make a presence on social media

Recruiters are using social media more than most people assume, so get your name out there. Start with LinkedIn. Follow your role models, understand what they are showing on their profiles and create a similar looking structure on your page. If you don’t feel like you have much to put on paper then it’s time to get active. Find some activities you could do that would increase your profile’s attractiveness to potential recruiters.

Keep your resume up-to-date

Whenever you do something new and impressive that is business-related, it is time to update. Always ensure that your latest and greatest version of you is ready on file and uploaded for the masses.

Make a website

Bring your resume to life. Get creative and make a website that will grab people by the you-know-what. No programming/coding experience? Absolutely no excuse. Nowadays my dog can make a website…and I don’t even have a dog! Three dummy proof website builders are Squarespace, Weebly and Wix.

Always be learning

You are not allowed to rest if you have not learned something new today. However small it is, ensure you have completed the challenge of being better than you were yesterday. The online world has graced our generation with information. Don’t be average and let the information stay binary. Absorb, understand and take action on the new information you have collected.


The old saying, “It’s who you know” is still true. But on a deeper level, I really believe that your vibe attracts your tribe and your tribe encourages that vibe. So connect with inspiring people, who are wanting to excel in life. Find those who are aiming for the same ideals as you. Do not see them as competition, see them as team members and resolve to help each other out. If your current friends are happy with an average life then look for different connections and explore other groups. This doesn’t mean you disregard your friends, just simply go less frequently and don’t stay as long.

Be proactive

Essentially all of the above fall into this one. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge how proactive you are being. If you think you could do more and still have balance in your life then agree internally that you will be better tomorrow. You know the phrase “The lazy, slow sloth catches the worm.” No, that doesn’t sound right…

Whatever and however small, just make sure you do something productive to turn that pointless job into your life saviour.

Figure out your dream job

If you’re sitting here thinking, “That’s all great, but Charlie, I have no dream career.” Then your challenge is to use your time to find and create a picture of what that might be. You don’t need a narrow vision yet. Just an outline of what you love.

Truly consider these three questions:

1. If anything was possible and you could only succeed what would you like to do?

2. If money wasn’t a problem, how would you like to spend your days?
Then go two levels deeper and expand your horizons.

For example: “I would like to relax all day”

  • What is relaxing to you?
    “I relax by working out and meeting my friends”
  • What does working out and meeting your friends give you?
    “Well I’ve challenged myself and so feel satisfied with the sense of fatigue in my muscles and I love to laugh and make other people laugh when with my friends”.
  • What other ways have you found satisfaction from a challenge? Are there any other ways you like to help someone feel happy?

3. What are three things you would like to be remembered for after you die?

Lastly, when you have the outline of what you love, consider if there is a ‘job’ within reach that will inspire you to move towards your dream life.

Find a job that correlates with what you want to provide for the world and make that your life investment instead.

If you need help making that shift, seek help. There are plenty of really profound ways to discover your calling. My personal favourite is one-on-one coaching. Find a coach that will challenge you in a way you can embrace.

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