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Vlog: Two Common Fears Holding You Back From Your Calling

The more scared we are about a work or a calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it” -Stephen Pressfield.

It’s our job while we’re here to pay attention and find out what we’re curious and passionate about. Our calling/callings is our unique contribution to the betterment of our world. In this vlog, I talk about how you can address two common fears that can get in the way of us moving in that right direction- the fear of not fitting the mold and the fear of failure.

You can feel good to wake up on a Monday morning to go to work. If you need some support to figure out  your next career move that is in alignment with what you’re really passionate or curious about, find a great life coach on Noomii and sign up for a free consultation one of them.

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About the Author Tajan B. Renderos

Tajan B. Renderos is a life, career, and executive coach. As a life and career coach she works with people who are feeling stuck in their career and relationships, and helps them craft bold moves to go from feeling stuck to soaring in these areas of life. As an executive coach she combines coaching and skills as a seasoned evaluator to help business leaders who want to arrive at their full potential as conscious leaders. She's a certified life coach and holds a Master's in public health from Yale University. Connect with her on Noomii and her website.

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