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Top Part-time Jobs for People Who Want to Balance Their Studies and Work

Balancing work and study can be challenging and sometimes, extremely exhausting. However, it’s not impossible.

In fact, there are a ton of great opportunities out there for university and college students who need to work part-time while studying.

The first thing you’ll need to do is learn how to properly organize your time. Design a proper obtainable schedule and respect it thoroughly. Set goals and deadlines and make sure you know what your long-time objectives are. After that, you’re all set.

It’s time to start looking for part-time jobs that fit your best qualities! Let’s look together at some of the examples.

1. Driver

There’re ton of opportunities to earn money by driving! Uber, Lift, even cabs – they’re a fairly easy method to make some good bucks. According to Uber’s requirements, you should be no younger than 21, a US citizen and have at least one year of licensed driving experience in order to be approved.

Average pay/hour: $15-20

2. Server

Becoming a restaurant server is not difficult once you get the hang of it. There are basic rules to follow, but there is no need to stress about it. You’ll learn fast and the hours are likely to work with your student schedule as many jobs ask for evening and weekend availability. Some of the perks might include cash tips, networking opportunities thanks to a ton of interactions with amazing people, sales experience and in some cases, discounted food.

Average pay/hour: depends on the state; usually around $8-10 without tips (minimum wage)

3. Tutor

If you excel in your study field, start teaching! Tutoring is a relatively easy way to earn money, especially if you do it online. Set up a professional account, display some of your past accomplishments, add a businesslike picture and wait for customers to message you.

Don’t forget to: identify your students’ age-level, and get a full understanding of your students’ school/university curriculum.

Average pay/hour: $18-20 online, maybe a bit more offline

4. Freelance writer

Freelancing is an amazing remote-job opportunity. If you’re passionate about writing, enjoy creating and can respect instructions and deadlines, you should definitely try freelancing. I won’t say it’s easy – because it’s not – but it’s less tiring than other physical demanding jobs. You don’t even have to move. All you must do is use your laptop, hands, and brain.

Here are a couple of websites to consider checking out - Upwork, Fiverr, Craigslist or Peopleperhour.

Average pay/hour: it really depends on how fast you think and type. Beginners will earn somewhere between $10-18.

5. Animal caretaker

If you enjoy spending time with animals, being an animal caretaker or petsitter will mean you can play with pups and earn some money doing it! Some of the most important characteristics of an animal caretaker are loving, respectful, calm, tolerant, socially-oriented, persistent.

Your duties for this part-time gig include feeding and grooming your “new children,” training them, running and exercising, cleaning cages and possibly-dirty kennels and of course, giving them love.

Average pay/hour: $9-11

6. Fitness instructor

Keeping fit and earning money? Sounds like a plan! According to ACE Group Fitness, becoming a fitness instructor requires being at least 18 years old, a high-school diploma and holding a CPR/AED certification.

Melissa Kirsten, Sales Manager at AssignmentMasters and former fitness instructor, says, “Becoming a fitness instructor is so easy, and the advantages are so many! Your body will stay in shape all the time, your diet will change, and your skin will enlighten. This part-time job is totally worth it!”

Average pay/hour: $25-30.

7. Babysitter

For those who love children, babysitting is the perfect job. Of course, it can be a busy part-time job, as you must pay attention to them at all times, since these little creatures are so adorable, yet so unpredictable. However, since babies love sleeping and are in need of naps and early bedtimes, you’ll be able to enjoy their company and do homework at the same time!

Before applying, make sure you love children, are easily adaptable, have experience with children and can maturely handle important situations.

Average pay/hour: $10-15, depends on the family.

8. Cashier

Being a cashier might be a tedious and frustrating job at times, but it is easy and will help you save some money. As a cashier, you’ll have to keep a positive attitude, greet customers, look clean and possess basic math skills. Make sure you have enough patience to deal with clients’ concerns.

Average pay/hour: $8-10

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