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Infographic: 12 Ways That Music Makes You More Productive At Work

If you love listening to music at work, especially if you have an office job, it’s hard to sell the benefits to a colleague who never listens to music during work hours.

In most offices there is a definite camp of music lovers and those who choose not to partake. It’s not an age thing either. It’s often about the perceived distraction music has on the listener.

Fortunately, if you’re in the “yes” camp, you don’t have to convince them anymore. All you need to do is show them the infographic below, because the evidence for listening to music for productivity is overwhelming.

Yes, donning your headphones and listening to music has enormous benefits:

Among the many positives, music promotes ‘flow states’ – that’s when you’re so deep into a task that you literally lose yourself in it. You lose all sense of time and it’s often when you do your best work.

Music encourages focus and drowns out a noisy colleague on the phone or just general titter-tatter that you may want to screen out. Not to mention the physical benefits of listening to music – try putting some James Brown on and staying still!

There’s also a sizeable chunk of evidence that music not only increases productivity, but is actually great for health in general, helping to relieve pain in some cases, improve workout routines, promote sleep, encourage diets and reduce stress. Go music!

So whack on your headphones, select your favourite playlist, and have the most productive days work you’ve had since…. ever!

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