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9 Ways To Get Ahead on the Weekend

During the week you may feel like fitting anything around a busy work schedule is near impossible. The best way to tackle any sense of mid-week overwhelm is to utilize your weekend to get ahead in both your personal and professional life, allowing you to make the most of your week and enjoy your life outside of the office.

Here are nine ways to make the most of your weekend, which will help you use this precious time to get ahead and feel on top of things 24/7.

Fit in your exercise

For those with a hectic schedule, finding the time to go to the gym or take part in sports can seem impossible. But exercising on a regular basis is proven to have substantial effects on mental wellbeing, as well as your physical condition.

Use the weekend to get your fix of active pursuits, be this at the swimming pool, gym or out running in the fresh air. This way if you also schedule in a workout midweek, you’ll feel balanced and content in your exercise regime.

Stock up the fridge

The weekly shop can be a dreaded task. Making a comprehensive list and getting all of your shopping done in one go at the weekend will remove the unneeded hassle from your week and give you peace of mind in the knowledge that you won’t have to pop out to the shops instead of meeting your mates for a drink after work.

Plan your work for the week ahead

While we all need a break from work at the weekends, taking a half hour or so every weekend to look through the crucial tasks of the week ahead and schedule when you’re going to complete them will hugely reduce your stress levels.

The amount of time it takes to plan ahead and consider your work calmly in an environment away from the office is fractional when compared to the amount of time you’ll be saving.

Organize your evenings

With your work all planned out, make sure that you also schedule in some enjoyable activities during the week. It’s important to have things to look forward to during the week, be this a fun exercise class or a trip to the cinema.

Planning your evenings out in advance will also stop you from feeling lonely or isolated when you’ve nothing to do, allowing you to enjoy your downtime.

Cook up a storm

Now that you’ve stocked up on all the ingredients you’ll need for the week’s meals, use your downtime to make a meal plan and get ahead with the cooking! Making your lunches at home, in advance can save you a huge amount of money as well as time.

Get any odd jobs done

If you’ve got to pop to the library, pick up a present for a friend or get something in your house fixed, getting this done at the weekend will free up your mid-week obligations and give you the feeling that you’re on top of everything.

Make all of your non-work calls

Whether you’re catching up with a friend or booking an appointment, try to get all of your non-work related calls done at the weekend.

You’ll likely be up to your eyes with work calls during the week and making calls always takes longer than anticipated. Getting them done instead of letting them build up will allow you to schedule in any extra, unexpected calls during the week.

Get out of the house

Leaving not just the house but also the neighborhood for an afternoon will remove any feeling that you have of being stifled or suffocated by your environment.

You’re far more likely to feel refreshed and ready to start the week ahead if you’ve had a break from the same surroundings. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air – it’s proven to be great for your happiness and health! There are a ton of fun activities you can do that will actually benefit your career, such as learning a new language, taking up a team sport or even volunteering.

Wash everything

This step is pretty self-explanatory; there’s nothing worse than having to cancel evening plans because you don’t have any clean underwear left. Get ahead of yourself and wash your building pile of laundry, leaving your future self to choose from an abundance of outfits during the week.

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