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5 Signs it’s Time to Think About a Career Change

Feeling stuck in a career can be frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be. This could be an opportunity for exciting change in your life.

The first step is to know if this is just a temporary feeling or if it is a sign that it’s time to think about a career change. We’ve put together five questions to ask yourself. If your answer is yes to even three out of five it is time to seriously consider a career change.

1. Do you feel bored often?

If you are constantly feeling bored it is time to access the reason why. Is there something you can change about a routine, environment or even another company within the same career path that will stimulate you?

Boredom can be a sign that you are not being challenged. Perhaps you have reached the top of your position. You should evaluate if your expertise has expanded beyond the needs of your field.

Perhaps your boredom stems from a lack of passion for the job. The monotony or lack of purpose can be draining over time.

2. Are you feeling apathetic? Have you lost the passion you once had for your work?

If you are finding yourself on autopilot every day, going through the motions with zero interest in the work it may be time to go.

What is it that is keeping you at the job? A paycheque alone is not enough to dedicate hours a week of your life. A successful career is about more than financial incentives. It should bring purpose and joy to your life.

What does bring joy to your life? Where do you find yourself fulfilled? Is there a potential career option there?

3. Does the work culture and company values not fall in line with your own?

A toxic work environment will begin to effect other areas of your life. It will lead to apathy, if not anger, and will be detrimental to your other relationships. When employers lie or display narcissism it becomes impossible to trust them or the message of the company.

As we grow our values change. Perhaps you are working for a clothing company but recently have felt convicted to only buy ethical fashion. Suddenly your personal values and your career no longer agree with one another. This is a sign it is time for a career change.

4. Are you not being rewarded for your work?

Work rewards go further than an agreed upon paycheque. If positive feedback and incentives are not being offered you can quickly begin to feel unappreciated. Sometimes all that is needed is to know that your work has made a positive effect in the lives of others.

Your work culture plays into this. Having a positive atmosphere, working amongst friends and being involved in a purpose all play into feeling rewarded for your effort.

If you are not experiencing this, if your work is not rewarding beyond your biweekly paycheque, then it may be time to switch careers. Or at the very least, find a new company to work for.

5. Are you jealous of friends in other careers?

The biggest test is to evaluate your reaction to others success. Every time a friend shares a story or success from her work, what is your first reaction? If you feel jealous is it because she is working in a career path that you wish you were in?

Your emotions are your giveaway. If you are unhappy, apathetic, bored, and lacking passion then it is time to update your resume and begin a career change.

You only live once. Do work you love.

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