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5 Hobbies You Can Do During College That Can Make You a Better Employee

Your hobbies can make you more productive

Everyone has a hobby or at the very least, an activity that they love and enjoy doing (even if it’s sleeping). Some hobbies – nay, most hobbies – are not very productive or beneficial to your personal development.

Playing PlayStation games, gambling, watching movies and scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, just to name a few, are examples of fun but useless hobbies. That said, there are some hobbies that you can partake in while in college that will make you a better employee when you land that job.

With companies increasingly looking at culture fit above academic credentials before hiring, college students need to be careful with what they do at their free time.

Here are some hobbies that you can do during college to better equip you for the workforce and give you a higher chance of getting the job you want after graduation:

Making videos

A lot of young people nowadays, perhaps sparked by cheap and affordable high definition camera phones, enjoy making videos for fun. Most keep the videos on their phones or share them with their friends. Some, however, post them on social sites like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and even earn money from that. Wherever you go, video content is highly popular and one of the top marketing methods and companies and businesses have taken note.

More and more of them are on the lookout for creative ways to get a larger piece of the youth market and youthful vloggers and video creators have great opportunities here. If you have a YouTube channel or some creative funny videos on your phone, you might land a job as a marketing executive and your content creation experience will surely help you along the way.



In one study, it was discovered that 47% women and 40% of men felt that engaging in or being huge sports fans positively impacted their productivity at work. Following a strict exercise regimen and having the personal discipline to avoid distractions and keep going indicates commitment, endurance, discipline and effort, which are key to succeeding in the workplace and the business world as a whole. Getting involved in sports and body exercises in college is a great way to build all those values and a healthy way to spend your free time.

Additionally, sporting activities like jogging, swimming, hiking and weightlifting also improve your health and fitness which will have a corresponding effect on your confidence. For a lot of people, walking and jogging is their way of getting stress, anger and anxiety out of their systems.


Most college students will dismiss voluntary work as a waste of time and energy, as there are no financial benefits. However, being a volunteer can help you develop goodwill and create connections within your community, which are very important if your career path is in the business world. Using your spare time to make members of your community smile and express gratitude because of something you did is more meaningful than anything money can buy.

Moreover, partnering with fellow volunteers and members of the community will develop your sense of teamwork, cooperation and teach you leadership skills and hands-on approach. All these are important life skills that will not only improve your productivity at work but also make you a better human being.



Writing down your thoughts can boost your productivity and your overall drive. Whether it’s articles, life experiences, poems, songs or whatever else you have in mind, writing is one of the best mental exercises you can engage in.

Depending on how often you write, you can benefit in the following ways:

  • Reduce stress – Most people who do some sort of writing will agree that they feel much more relaxed after a session with a pen and paper, or a computer keyboard for that matter.
  • Increased creativity – Writing often will bring out your creative side as you learn the different ways to express yourself on paper. The new-born creativity will be of great help as you tackle various work and business challenges.
  • Increased self-awareness – Jotting down your feelings, worries, fears and opportunities will give you an idea of who you are and the problems you face.

On an unrelated note, writing can also be a source of additional income. You can be a freelance article or creative writer on the side or even moonlight for any of the numerous write my essay services on the internet.



Having a good photographic eye is not only useful when taking selfies for Instagram or Facebook. It may also be a prospective career path once you get out of college. Possessing superb photography skills can boost your credentials when looking for a job, in case your potential employer is looking for an in-house photographer.

Notably, good photography skills go side-by-side with a creative mind, a keen eye and good memory, which can all prove useful in your day-to-day work.

Furthermore, if you worked as a photographer in college, you must have gained some communication skills from engaging with your clients. If your job involves direct interactions with clients, such skills can assist you in navigating on-the-job difficulties and cultivating beneficial relationships.


College prepares us for the chaotic job market in more ways than one. While majority choose to focus on the academic part, what you do outside the classroom matters as much in your personal development. Making it a habit to engage in productive hobbies will carry over to when you get employed, and your productivity levels will go up.

Are you in college? What activities do you enjoy in your spare time? Most importantly, what impact do you think they’ll have on your career progression? Share with us in the comments.

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