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Career Coaching FAQs

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What Training do Career Coaches Have?

Career Coach Training

Career coach training is as varied as coaches themselves. The coaching industry is not regulated. Whether someone has taken a one-year course, a weekend online course or no training at all, they can legally call themselves a career, business or life coach. Coach Mary Kruger explains the different types of coach training programs, assessment tools and job search techniques to help you make an educated decision when hiring a career coach.

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Top 5 Signs You Need a Career Coach

Top 5 Signs You Need a Career Coach

It doesn’t matter if someone is laid off, fired or just sick of their current job, the time to get a career coach is when you’re not making progress in finding the dream career you truly want. Based on her experience working with hundreds of clients, coach Kathleen Murray shares with us the top 5 signs you need to hire a career coach.

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Career Coach vs Headhunter: What is the Difference?

Career Coach vs. Headhunter: What's the Difference?

Along the curious road of a job search, job seekers have the opportunity to collaborate with career coaches as well as headhunters, also known as recruiters. Coach Lynden Kidd lays out the differences between the two and explains why a multi-pronged approach is essential in your job hunt.

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Career Coach vs Executive Coach: What’s the Difference?

Career Coach vs. Executive Coach: What's the Difference?

Are you struggling to figure out your next career move? Maybe you are a manager or business leader and want to feel more confident in your leadership? Perhaps it’s a bit of both. If so, coaching is a wise investment. Understanding the different types of coaches out there and deciding what kind of coach you […]

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Local vs Non-Local Career Coach: Why Location Doesn’t Matter

Local vs Non-Local Career Coach: Which is a Better Choice?

I see so many people asking specifically for career coaches in their geographic area. Which is understandable because we naturally want to meet people face-to-face, especially if we are hiring them for something as potentially life-changing as career coaching. And while I can appreciate this, with technology today, a non-local coach can be just as, if […]

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What are the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Career Coach?

Pros Cons Hiring Career Coach?

You might be in the market for a career coach but you want to know the pros and cons of hiring a career coach first. If you are in the market to hire a career coach, these common conditions might sound familiar to you: You are ready to find a new job that you enjoy more […]

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What is Career Coaching?

what is career coaching

Even though the profession of coaching has been around for over 20 years, there are still a lot of misconceptions about what coaching is. To explain what career coaching is, let me first explain coaching.

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Welcome to the Noomii Career Blog! Start Your Journey to Career Nirvana

It’s time for a career change, isn’t it? For nearly a decade we’ve been helping people improve their lives by matching them with their ideal coach and the #1 reason that they reach out to us in the first place is their career. More specifically, they are stuck in a job that is unfulfilling, want to […]

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