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What are the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Career Coach?

You might be in the market for a career coach but you want to know the pros and cons of hiring a career coach first.

If you are in the market to hire a career coach, these common conditions might sound familiar to you:

  • You are ready to find a new job that you enjoy more and look forward to going to each day
  • You fell into your current career and now want to move towards something that you are more passionate about, brings you more joy or is more meaningful
  • You are tired of corporate life and want to do your own thing, but aren’t sure what to do or how to get started
  • You are beginning to apply for college/university and don’t know what you want to do in life

If any of these statements resonate with you, a career coach would be a good investment.  You might feel stuck in your current situation and can only see what you already know. You have gone through life, built up your belief system and habits and tend to stay in a box you have created for yourself or one that is based on how others perceive you. It is hard to look outside that box and see what else we are capable of or have the potential to do when we are on the daily grind and just trying to keep up. I know because I have been there.

The pros of hiring a career coach

A pro of a good career coach is they have no preconceived opinions and will be able to take you through a deep dive of your entire life helping you excavate out what your true natural gifts are while discovering what it is that brings you the greatest fulfillment. Once you have a better understanding of who you truly are and what makes your heart sing, you will gain tremendous clarity on your true purpose—what you are meant to be doing on this earth. At that point, a skilled career coach can help you get beyond what is and to see what can be, which can be an eye-opening process on its own. What’s more, you also have the benefit of having someone with the knowledge and experience to help guide you into this new life.

To take this a step further, a great career coach will be able to teach you how to listen to your own inner voice, to help you discover what really makes you happy. You see, the secret is happiness. Everyone I have ever met just wants to be happy. As a coach I find people spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out what makes them happy and often don’t get there. What I have discovered after coaching hundreds and hundreds of people is that, if you learn to listen to your heart, that inner wisdom, you will find happiness. And that happiness can be expanded if you focus on growing what we have discovered in the deep dive and looking at what can be.

On the more technical side, the pros to hiring career coaches is that they are there to support and encourage you when you become discouraged or are facing rejection. They are experienced in knowing what employers look for and how to better present yourself on your resume, cover letter or in a job  interview. They can help boost you back up and inspire you to keep moving forward. They can help you clear your blocks and identify what might be keeping you stuck. They will help you gain the confidence and skills to move forward in the direction you are meant to go and can help you balance current life needs with career goals. And last but not least, coaches are great sounding boards and will always hold you accountable, so you can make the progress you desire.

The cons of hiring a career coach

One of the cons of hiring a coach is the expense. If you have no discretionary income, it is difficult to afford but the question is—will it be worth it? Your career and your happiness should be considered an essential investment, although it is understandable that financial limitations are sometimes unavoidable.

Another con is the challenge of finding the right coach for you, one who can truly do what they say and help you move forward. How do you know if they are right? How do you know if they can help you make those game-changing, life-changing breakthroughs?  Are they a coach who can help you learn to listen to your own inner wisdom or will they force their beliefs and biases upon you?  You want someone who is listening to you and following your innermost guidance and not pushing what they think is best for you.

This comes back to that inner knowing. After having your first conversation with a potential coach, take time to be quiet and ask yourself—is this person right for me? Will this person help me take my life to a much better place?  See if you get a positive physical response, such as a warm heart, a smile on your face or even a tingling sensation when you think about it or them.  If so you are good to go. If not, if all you get are questions or worries or anxiety, there is a reason for that. Listen to it. Don’t proceed forward. Your heart and body know what’s best for you, you just have to learn to listen.

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About the Author Marla Williams

Marla Williams is an intuitive life, career and business coach who has experienced tremendous success guiding individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs through a groundbreaking process to discover their purpose and capitalize on their distinctive gifts so they can begin to forge their own unique path in this world. She has a BA in Organizational Development, is a certified life coach, certified project manager and an experienced and certified professional in human resources (PHR) and was a key leader instrumental in helping grow a $12-million-dollar company into a $2.3-billion-dollar company. Connect with Marla through Noomii and her website.

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