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For 19 years, Leonard has been coaching people who feel stuck but are ready to stop settling for a job that’s leaving them stressed and unhappy. With his 4-part system to take charge of your career, he has helped new college grads to seasoned professionals break free of old patterns, define what they’d really love to do, and land, create or negotiate their way into their ideal jobs. He’s the author of Guide to Lifework: Working with Integrity and Heart, been a keynote speaker, and taught many other coaches new ways to succeed with clients using a more creative and fun approach. Connect with Leonard on Noomii and his website.

Articles by this Author

Do Career Coaches Offer Guidance or Advice?

Do Career Coaches Offer Guidance or Advice?

Ever have a friend ask you for advice about work or relationships or even something as specific as which dentist to go to? Have you ever asked a friend or anyone for advice or guidance? Sure you have—who hasn’t? Advice is a common commodity; sometimes wonderful, other times unasked for and unwelcome. But when it comes to professional career coaches, do you expect them to give you advice? Do you want a coach to tell you directly what you should do for your career or which job to take? Let’s take a look at different scenarios where both guidance and advice is suitable.

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