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Must-Know Tips for Building an International Career

Building an international career abroad is the long-term process which can bring you many great experiences, benefits and personal satisfaction. However, it also demands hard work and full dedication.

If you want to be successful in a foreign country, you need to invest a good amount of time in developing your skills and professional expertise. According to career advisors from Assignment Masters, professionals who come from a foreign country have to prove that they are better and more reliable than domestic workers. In such circumstances, you need to make a good plan to distinguish from local peers. Here are the tips that can help you in the process:

Research the market

Before you choose a workplace, you should research the local market and learn about its peculiarities. Try to avoid industries with the toughest competition in the domestic workforce. Think about your comparative advantage and what kind of expertise you can deliver to potential employers. If you can differentiate from others in some way, it will make you more valuable in the international environment.

Start early

The sooner you start preparing for an international career, the sooner you’ll find the perfect position. It is always good to attend international courses and discover the business climate in the targeted country. Additionally, you could apply for an internship abroad. That way, you will gain a lot of knowledge and practical experience, which is the best preparation for the future steps in your career.

Learn the language

Knowing a local language is the basic precondition for a successful international career. Try your best to master the new language, or at the very least learn it on a conversational level, as it will help you to understand colleagues and also be able to present your ideas more precisely. Your coworkers and superiors will appreciate the fact that you learned the language and they will also see it as the sign of diligence. There are so many resources available that make learning a new language easily accessible – the classic Rosetta Stone is always a good option or opt for a mobile apps like Duolingo for learning on the go.

Grow your network

Expanding the network of professional acquaintances is extremely important in each industry. This is even more important when you are trying to build an international career because local contacts can recommend you to their clients or business partners. Stay open-minded and try to develop your communication skills – it will help you to grow the professional network.


It is good to know a lot about many subjects but you cannot build an international career working as an all-around player. You need to specialize and narrow down the focus of professional interests. This way, you will become an expert in a targeted industry, which will secure you a better position in the multinational environment.

Be flexible

Don’t feel depressed and annoyed if you don’t find an ideal workplace immediately. In the beginning, the most important thing is to get your foot in the door and find the job. It doesn’t have to be directly related to your expertise. You should work hard and prove that you are ready for more advanced positions. Be flexible and patient – it’s the only way to build your international career.


It’s not easy to build a great career in your country, but it is even more difficult if you want to do it in an international environment. Fortunately, there are a ton of resources and advice out there that you can follow to make this mission less complex. In this article, I gave you an overview of the most practical tips for developing an international career. Feel free to use these suggestions and let us know in comments if you have other valuable tips.

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About the Author Hillary Hope

Hillary Hope is a senior career advisor, writer, and a part-time blogger. Working for several international corporations helped Hillary to sharpen professional expertise. Today, she enjoys sharing her knowledge with young talents through regular blog posts.