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9 Powerful Tips For Communicating With Millennials at Work

Soon, millennials will make up 50% of the entire workforce. That’s why it’s more important than ever to learn how to communicate with the younger generations. Here’s how to find common ground with millennials in your workplace and help them do their best for your company.

1. Be realistic

If you have a conversation with a millennial employee, you may be shocked at how straightforward they are. They’re much more realistic than their predecessors, and they aren’t shy about saying what they mean. If you need to talk with them, don’t sugar coat what you have to say.

2. Listen to their needs

You’ll be used to your employees not telling you what they need until it’s an emergency, but that doesn’t happen with millennials. If they’re struggling, they will tell you if you ask. Listen to their needs, and meet them when you can. You’ll find your employees will respect you more if you do this.

3. Remember they’re holding several conversations at once

Ask any millennial, and they’ll tell you they’re holding several conversations at once over several platforms. This multi tasking is great, but it means that you need to keep their attention when you message them. Ensure your grammar is perfect by using services such as Paper Fellows and Assignment Help. Also, make sure you’re putting the most important information front and centre in your messages, so they’re sure to see it.

4. Let them communicate on the go

Millennials are happiest working when they’re on the go. Laptops and smartphones make this easier than ever. If you can, allow them the space to work wherever they go.

HR manager Tomas Hines from Academized agrees. “We’ve found that having a workforce that work remotely is much better for our business,” she says. “Millennial staff like it the most of all. It gives them the freedom to live their lives as they choose. We’ve found they’ll actually be more productive, if we give them the space to set their own hours.”

5. Don’t make jokes about age

No one likes being talked down to at work. This goes even more for millennials, who are the most likely to get ribbed about their age. Remember that they’re just as capable as everyone else in the workplace, and that their skills should be respected, too.

6. Get used to text and online messaging

Millennials have been brought up with the internet, so they’re at home with text based messaging systems. If you want a quick answer, it’s the best way to go. That means that your written communications must be perfect. Use services such as ProofreadBot, OX Essays, SlickWrite or EasyWordCount to proofread your messages, before you send them.

7. Be fair in your communications

Millennials are the most socially aware generation there has ever been. They see the potential in everyone around them, and they expect you to do so, too. Be fair in how you communicate with everyone around you. Millennials will notice that and respect you for it.

8. Embrace new technology

Millennials are always happy to try out new technology for communication. Make sure your workplace is up to speed on current trends. Using software such as video conferencing shows that you’re willing to try new things.

10. Recognize millennials’ value

There are all kinds of benefits to having millennials in your workplace. Use the skills they’re offering, and allow your company to grow with them. They have as much to offer you as you do to them, after all.

With so many millennials in the work force, it’s time to learn to communicate with them. Take the time and you can both benefit.

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