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Contemporary Office Design: Turning Work into Pleasure

The days of strict working environments devoid of any play or comfort are a thing of the past, as the modern office design trends are focused towards establishing office settings that not only radiate productivity but also emphasize fun, enthusiasm and positivity.

A positive work environment is crucial in maintaining high levels of motivation and establishing business-employee trust across the board. Here is how you can optimize your office space for top performance all year-round using contemporary design that turns work into pleasure.

Keep it neat and tidy

First things first, no modern office space can hope to spark creativity and productivity if burdened by a pile of files here and a mountain of dishes and half-eaten cake there. Your office space needs to be clean, and more importantly, it needs to be clutter-free.

A good way to ensure office cleanliness is not only to employ professional cleaning staff, but also to introduce a cleaning policy for everyone that works there. Every member of your team should tidy up and keep their workstations clean throughout the day.

Use light and air to your advantage

On to the design aspect itself, the first solution that will inspire enthusiasm, energy and productivity across the board is proper lighting and ventilation. Natural light is crucial in maintaining peak employee performance throughout the day. If you are in the market for a new office space or have the option of renovating, floor-to-ceiling windows let plenty of sunlight enter the room. You can also opt to get rid of the doors in order to let it flow through the space seamlessly.

Not only will a “doorless” setting allow light to travel, but it will also support constant airflow, which is crucial in keeping your employees awake, smiling and willing. Don’t forget to invest in a modern ventilation system as well if you don’t have enough windows that can be opened.

If your office space doesn’t have a ton of windows, you may want to consider investing in a Happy Light to brighten up your work space and a fan to get the air moving.

A modern design for a modern age

What the vast majority of contemporary office designs have in common are the three key elements employed to create a thriving modern workplace: modern furniture, contemporary technology and creativity. Furniture and fittings across your office space need to be tailor-made to fit your exact needs, as opposed to being something you need to conform to once you move in.

Secondly, a modern working environment can only be called as such if it boasts the latest equipment, technology and software that will facilitate peak productivity and simply make everyone’s lives easier.

Lastly, creativity is crucial in modern office designs, as the cubicle days of older generations are thankfully, resting in the past. Not only should the working space have a dash of personality and creativity to spark imagination, but it also needs to boast fun pastime design solution. This brings us to the next point.

Make it fun and comfortable

You and your colleagues need to love going to the office every day, enjoy the setting, and more importantly, enjoy breaks and leisure time. Not only that, but if an employee needs a change of scenery, they only need to take their laptop into the common room or the kitchen.

Creating a fun leisure area in the office is crucial when trying to turn work into pleasure, so innovative commercial fitouts underline the importance of introducing common areas with beanbags, silent areas for total concentration or unwinding, as well as modern kitchen areas where people can catch up and take their minds off work.

Don’t forget natural elements

Finally, a fun working environment is one that nurtures a relationship with nature. When people think of an office, they think of a bleak, grey environment and it is your duty to enrich the setting by introducing potted plants, wooden elements and vases with brightly coloured flowers.

Not only that, but a modern office maintains eco-friendly policies as well in order to drive a positive company culture everyone will at work will love and clients will admire. If your office doesn’t already do so, suggest they implement energy and water efficiency across the board and a recycling policy as well. Your colleagues will thank you.

Work in the modern world is not supposed to be associated with its old, 20th-century meaning, rather it is supposed to inspire people to love what they do, and do what they love. Be sure to incorporate these crucial elements into your business strategy and you will have no problems paving the road to long-term success in the modern business arena.

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