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10 Reasons to Choose a Career in Hospitality

Hospitality and hotel management jobs are some of the most sought after jobs in the 21st century, due to the immense growth related with the industry. In fact, the travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries with a global economic contribution of over 7.6 trillion US dollars in 2016.

What’s more, international tourism continues to grow globally, meaning there are tons of opportunities in the industry, no matter where you live.

Let us have a look at some other reasons that make a career in hospitality a good option:

Numerous perks

There are a number of perks associated with the hospitality industry which can be incredibly varied. Not only do you have the opportunity to meet and greet new people every day, leading to great connections,  you will also get to eat delicious food. What’s more, you may even receive discounts on hotel rooms and restaurants affiliated with your company.

Fast-growing future

The travel and tourism industry is the fastest growing industry in many parts of the world, with Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East expected to increase their grown by millions in the next 20 years, meaning the hospitality industry surely has an opportunity for faster career growth.

Sufficient room to grow

The hospitality industry gives you a number of opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. Not only will you be able to expand on your soft skills while working in the industry (interpersonal skills, organization, networking), you will have ample opportunities to move up within the company and learn new skills. What’s more, working in a customer-oriented environment will expose you to people from different countries and cultures, which is a learning experience within itself.

A number of career choices

Because of its size, the hotel and hospitality industry has a huge number of job options to choose from. You can easily choose a job title which suits your personality. You can opt to be a receptionist, a travel agent, a bag handler or a hotel manager, depending on your career aspirations.

Every day is a new challenge

No two days are the same in the hospitality industry. You come across new people and new challenges every other day, thus the chances of a hospitality job becoming mundane are very slim.

Travel opportunities

Every country around the world has its own hospitality industry, meaning a career in the hospitality industry opens your gates to new countries and new cultures. If working abroad is something you’re interested in, this could be the perfect field for you.

Long-term investment

Taking a hotel or hospitality management course is a long-term investment, as the hospitality industry is not something that will cease to exist one day. The hospitality industry is surely going to be a good career choice for a long time and, as mentioned, there is plenty of room to grow, so you’re unlikely to get bored.

Multiple routes to enter the hospitality industry

There is not a single way or a single course through which you can enter the hospitality industry. You can find your way in the hospitality industry at any given point in your life. The industry relies heavily on skills that can be obtained in various fields, such as good customer service, organization skills, a positive attitude and problem-solving skills. You just have to take a few professional courses at your local college or university (or even online) and you are ready to start applying.

Good atmosphere

The hospitality industry is one field that relies on friendly people who can get along with other colleagues and customers. Being surrounded by like-minded people who are dedicated to providing good customer service is guaranteed to feel like a good fit. Because of the positive people, the hospitality industry has one of the best work cultures and work atmospheres, as compared to any other industry.

Numerous colleges to provide a quick entry

There are a number of colleges that not only provide the best hotel management courses, but also provide 100% placement assistance to their students in some of the biggest names in the hotel industry like the Taj, the Marriott and the Leela.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in hospitality, there are a ton of great schools in the US that offer tourism degree programs, numerous options in Canada, programs available throughout Europe and a number of hotel management courses in Mumbai, that offer placement assistance.

If you have a passion for making someone’s day a bit better and an urge to grow, the hospitality industry is surely what you have been looking for.

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