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About Rana Tarakji

Rana Tarakji is an American-Lebanese female entrepreneur, digital marketer and contributing writer at Life Coach Spotter. After having worked in several hyper growth startups such as Groupon - Rana launched and eventually left an internet startup called Cary, a pre-owned marketplace mobile app based in the United Arab Emirates. Rana has since then been focused on her online shop Stylerail, as well as on freelance writing, and has had articles published on dozens of respected websites and blogs.

Articles by this Author

15 Ways Successful People Inspire Others

15 Ways Successful People Inspire Others

Are you feeling uninspired, indifferent or depressed? Are you struggling to find purpose in your career or to find meaning in your personal life? At times, we all have felt somewhat uninspired and demotivated. It might be the stress of our daily jobs or else a depressing event that happened to us recently. Sometimes the […]

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The Benefits Of Online Life Coaching

The Benefits of Online Life Coaching

The internet has forever changed our lives in the way we communicate with each other and help each other. In fact, online communication has opened up possibilities that were previously not available to us. You’ve probably heard of online therapy, well, online life coaching is a similar concept in the sense where you are getting […]

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How to Find The Right Life Coach For You

How To Find The Right Life Coach For You

Whether you are looking for a career coach to help you build your business, find your dream career or choose the right college major, there are so many things to consider when choosing a coach. The major things to consider are the life coach’s education and certifications, the life coach’s specialty, their approach and perhaps […]

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