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Over 50? Here are 8 Freelancing Jobs You’d Be Perfect For

The term ‘freelancer’ may be tossed around a lot throughout this modern-age and you wouldn’t be wrong for envisioning 20something-year-olds sitting in a café all day tapping away at their laptops. In all honesty, you’re not far from the truth.

However, freelancing work isn’t just reserved for this age range. In fact, there are a vast number of jobs available that are especially for individuals aged 50+.

Today, we’ll explore eight of the most popular.

1. Customer service representative

If you’ve ever purchased a product or a service off a website, you may be aware of the live chat feature that these websites have, allowing customers to ask questions about the service or their purchase. These services all need people to operate them which is where you come in. Websites, such as ACD Direct, give you the opportunity to sign up to register and then apply for registered vacancies.

2. Online translator

In such a vast and interconnected world, so many people who speak different languages will come across each other. You may be looking for a website or service and you’ll find that it’s in a foreign language. Many websites are trying to update their websites so they’re available in multiple languages so they can grow their audiences. To do this, they need people that can read two languages. If you are bilingual, this is a perfect opportunity for you!

You can find work as an online translator on websites like UpWork, TranslatorCafe and Gengo. For advice on how to carry out the job properly, State of Writing and Via Writing are great resources for writers.

3. Blogger

There are blogs about anything and everything, especially when it comes to other internet users who are over the age of 50. Any kind of article, blog post or written content on a website, such as a How-To post, have been written by someone at some point. This role really gives you the freedom to write about something you want to write about. Some of the leading websites to find paid work include UpWork and People Per Hour or you can start your own for free!

4. Online reviewer

Nothing sells a product more than customer reviews. A job as an online reviewer is fairly exciting, as you can receive a company’s products in the post, use them for a week or two and then simply write about your experiences. The fun doesn’t stop there. You can also review websites and online services. It’s easy to find these jobs with an online search or you can look at services such as UK Top Writers.

5. Online tutor

If you’ve got specialist knowledge of a certain subject, such as English, Literature, Maths, Science or even a language, becoming an online tutor may be the ideal job for you. You can simply sign up on websites such as Elite Assignment Help or Grade On Fire, and you’ll be connected to students and other individuals who are looking for help with their work or studies.

6. Academic writer

If you’ve got any specialist knowledge in a certain academic area such as a subject you would learn at school, this could be perfect for you. Maybe you were a teacher, a professor or maybe you hold a degree in a certain subject? If that’s the case, this Huffington Post article has the lowdown on one of the most booming industries online right now!

7. Online juror

Being a juror doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be in court. Websites like eJury are set up to give attorneys the chance to test out their cases before it’s used in a real court. To test a case effectively, they need a juror to practice and that’s where you come in. This is a unique opportunity and there are some guidelines listed on the site that you’ll need to pass before you can sign up.

8. Virtual assistant

Finally, to conclude this list is a job that not many people know exist. Imagine an assistant who works for a company. The jobs include answering emails, organizing schedules, taking phone calls and running the day-to-day life of someone else who is too busy to do so. That’s exactly what this job is, just online. You can find these jobs easily through many of the websites listed above.

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