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5 Tips To Help You Propel Your Sales Career

Salespeople are a very important part of the business world. They sustain businesses. In fact, businesses can be a lot more profitable if their sales teams are willing to go the extra mile and customize the funnel for each customer. That’s why, 50% of the sales go to the vendor that responds well.

Customers want someone who listens to their problem and provides a suitable solution. Most of the time, the leader of a company is its strongest salesperson. He can close deals based on the value of their value proposition. If you are a newbie in this field, you should look at these people and get some inspiration from their enthusiasm. 25% of your leads can turn into sales but only if you know how to play at the game of optimism and the averages.

Here are a few important tips that every successful salesperson swears by and all the novice sales people should follow to ace their sales career:

1. Keep learning about your profession

This tip isn’t just limited to sales, but applies to all professions. A successful salesperson continues learning and educating themselves about their field of work because it helps in closing more deals. A sales superstar stays updated with the latest trends, tools and best practices that are making waves in the field.

Lifelong learning should be the goal here. In this age of technological advancement, sales automation is one of the first things to adapt. After setting sales goals, you want to download tools and software like Salesforce and WordPress CRM Integration, which can help you fix your pitch and let you follow up on prospects even when you’re on the go. Your sales turn into a plan when you start documenting them and use a reliable tool to mark deadlines/targets.

Building and motivating your team towards clear, tangible and quantifiable performance goals set the environment for a winning sales team. It is easy to define the sales goals for an individual, team or company for any period (monthly, quarterly, yearly) based on the number of deals.

2. Don’t fear rejection

It is understood and even expected that many people will refuse to buy your product or services and shut the door on your face. However, a successful sales career awaits you if you overcome the fear of rejection. There is no rejection in sales, it’s just a matter of patience and perseverance. New sales agents feel let down and start thinking that they are not doing their job properly. That’s not the case. Sales funnels are bound to get stuck somewhere, so it’s your job to smoothen out the rough ends and bring the potential customer back into the funnel.

“Sales scripts are a way of life for salespeople, aren’t they? No matter how well you write your script, they are sure to sound scripted — and if you get off the script? Often the conversation can never be recovered. When you be yourself instead of working off a script, there is nothing to remember. You just follow your gut and you can always recover the conversation. This is true even if you wind up discussing football scores or last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars.” says Huffington Post author and entrepreneur, Brian Horn.

It’s a basic game of statistics and numbers. The more people you pitch to, the higher your chances of selling something to them. If you don’t meet people, you can’t close deals. It is the law of the averages and basic common sense. Every salesperson tends to feel unsure somewhere in the cycle, but it is normal to feel this way.

3. Be optimistic

Imagine seeing a salesman at your door looking tired and worn out. They talk to you in a tone of disappointment and their pitch is almost like a whisper. What’s the first impression you’ll have about this person? Even more important, how likely are you to buy a product or service from someone with so little enthusiasm for what they offer?

On the other hand, picture a jovial, optimistic, smiling face at your door. This person seems confident about his product and himself. Now, what’s your first impression about them? I bet you’ll at least consider their pitch.

If you’re a salesperson, your sales career will skyrocket when you own your job and try to be cheerful throughout the course of your daily tasks. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, believes that you can’t pursue a job which is forced on you. You should be optimistic about closing a deal; you can make the world’s greatest pitch if you believe in yourself.

4. Listen to people

Active listening is one of the most important skills a salesman can have. It can make or break your career. Learning early in your career that what your customers say matters will help you pay attention to their feedback and act accordingly.

Customers love it when a sales rep listens intently to them and promises to solve their problems. Look at it from your customer’s perspective, where they are coming from and how you can truly make a difference in their life. Listening will also build a strong reputation with your customers. You are the ambassador of your company and your active listening capabilities can alter your company’s image in the market.

The three S’s of success stories: Success stories offer a setting, a situation and a solution. Remember, you’re the hero of your stories. Your decisions, actions and insights made the difference.

5. Analyze everything

A good salesperson keeps measuring the data gathered from the past interactions and follows current transactions based on the sales funnel. Moreover, they have top-notch research skills and swift decision-making capacity.

Anything you do is worth measuring and improvement will be made only when you measure every step. In the first tip we mentioned setting sales goals. Measure those goals based on weekly, monthly and quarterly activity so you can be more confident about your sales abilities. If you are struggling with something, set it as a goal and measure your performance in that aspect. The results are going to shock you!

Last word

You are a salesperson. You know your company and products better than anyone around you. People come to you for advice and complaints. You have a powerful position and you can make a difference. Start out with a positive attitude; after all, your job can take you places if you focus on building relationships with your current and former customers.

They should know that this salesperson is going to help them out no matter what the situation is. Customers get frustrated by salespeople who are always tired and are looking for ways to quickly end the conversation. Therefore, listen to your customer, prepare a pitch which addresses their problems and then keep following up with the customer until they finally buy from you.

The mistakes you make at the start of your journey will teach you some valuable lessons and you’ll progress once you accept rejection with an open-minded attitude.

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