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5 Reasons Women Should Consider a Career in The Military

You’ve reached a point in your life where it’s time to make important decisions about your future. You might be in the process of deciding whether or not you should go to college. If college is behind you, it may be time to consider how you will spend the next few decades.

Parents, friends, relatives, advisors and guidance counsellors have likely all shared their opinions with you about suitable career options. However, there is likely one option that they haven’t mentioned to you, as a woman. This is the fact that a career in the military could be a good choice for you.

Yes, this is a big commitment and it isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. A career in the military isn’t for everyone. There are also some undeniable benefits to signing up. If you are interested in a bold new career, take a look at these five reasons why women should consider a career in the military.

1. Opportunities for women are more abundant than ever

For many years, the jobs that were available for women in the military were quite limited. However, this began to change in the early nineties. By 2016, virtually all specialties were opened up to allow women, including combat positions.

In addition to this, more and more women are being promoted into significant leadership positions in all branches of the military. Women who are interested in nontraditional career opportunities might consider a military career.

2. The military offers health benefits

The military offers full medical, vision and dental coverage from the moment you join. These benefits apply both to officers and enlisted members. Spouses and children are also eligible for coverage. After leaving the military, those who need care are qualified to receive medical services through the Veterans Administration.

3. You can continue your education while you are in the military

While many women are aware that the military offers some educational benefits after retirement or separation, many do not realize is that it is perfectly feasible to attend college while also being on active duty. The military will cover up to 100% of tuition and other costs. In addition to this, the Air Force, Army and Navy all have community college programs available. Finally, much of the training received in the military can be translated into college credits.

Women who take advantage of these opportunities can earn promotions and improve their marketability both in and out of the service. They can do even better if they take advantage of writing help from a service, like flash essay, to ensure they are successful even when life in the military is hectic.

4. There are free and supplemental housing benefits

There are two housing options for members of the military. They can live on base for free or can choose to can live off-base and receive a housing stipend to help cover their expenses. This benefit is over and above the usual pay and bonuses that are received. When on-base housing is available, women can take advantage of this to accrue savings and increase their financial stability.

You can earn retirement benefits

While civilians usually work until they are between the age of 65 and 70 before they qualify for retirement benefits, members of the military can retire in as little as 20 years. This means that someone enlisting at the age of 18 could retire when they are 38. A college graduate enlisting at the age of 24 could potentially retire at 44. However, it should be noted that the longer someone is in the military the more they will earn in retirement benefits.

What’s more, it isn’t unheard of for people to retire from the military at a relatively young age and then start a second career. This puts them at a great advantage as far as income goes and allows them to save even more money towards their retirement.


If you are interested in an exciting career with good pay and benefits, consider the military. Not only are there opportunities to advance, you may be able to travel and do things that simply are not accessible in civilian life. It’s definitely  not a career path for everyone, but it is worth considering.

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