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Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: Career Advice for College Students Graduating into the Real World

Career Advice for College Students Graduating into the Real World

This is what you were told going into college – if you went to school, worked hard, got great grades, participated in extracurricular activities and did the internships, there would be job opportunities when you graduated. And then you started your search and you realized this really wasn’t the case. Career coach Deb Goldstein offers some career advice for college students and share some insight after talking to a ton transitioning graduates.

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3 Must-Know Rules to Master Your LinkedIn Profile

A little while ago, I was asked to give a LinkedIn profile writing presentation to the local chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals called: “Building and maintaining a strong LinkedIn profile” We had a great discussion and, while I geared the content to my audience, the key aspects apply to anyone using, or […]

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How to Re-enter the Workforce With Confidence After 10 Years

Re-enter Workforce With Confidence After 10 Years

What is it like to re-enter the workforce after 5, 10 or even 15 years? Are you scared, excited, worried, lacking confidence, stuck or unsure where to begin? These might be some of the feelings you are experiencing when thinking about returning to the workforce after a significant time away. However, if you take a […]

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