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Ursina Teuscher is a career and decision coach. She helps people become masterful decision-makers – on or off the job. Ursina has a PhD in Applied Psychology and a professional license as a Career Coach from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. She co-authored the book “Heart and Mind: Mastering the Art of Decision Making”, as well as numerous research articles, and she teaches decision-making at Portland State University in Oregon.

Articles by this Author

5 Must-Know Traits of a Successful Intrapreneur

5 Must-Know Traits to Become a Successful Intrapreneur

Could you make your job better by becoming an intrapreneur? Intrapreneurship means to think and work like entrepreneur, even though you are still a part of a large organization. For example, as an intrapreneur, you might get creative and try to improve a product. Or, you might look for ways to make a specific service […]

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