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Brenda is an innovative leader, certified life coach and motivational speaker. After 25 years of corporate level management for companies like Unisource Worldwide, Toshiba America and VoiceNation LLC, Brenda is reaching out to help others breakthrough to their next level of living. Her heart is to encourage, exhort and inspire people to capture all life has for them. Brenda has the capabilities necessary to coach individuals into personal breakthroughs that lead to successful lives. She has an astonishing knack of helping individuals reach to the heart of the barriers they face every day. By tearing down the road blocks and breaking through the blind spots her clients are able to live the life they always dreamed. Her company, Breakthrough for Life is where your full potential is fully realized. Connect with her on Noomii or Twitter.

Articles by this Author

3 Goal-Setting Steps Every Career-Minded Person Must Know

3 Goal-Setting Steps Every Career-Minded Person Must Know

A goal is the end result of focused action in an aimed direction. Imagine if you were to get in your car and start driving with no road map or destination in mind. Where would you end up? Many entrepreneurs approach life in the same fashion. You are taking steps with no intentional focus on […]

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