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Alexander Alison is an online content writer that focuses on employment in Cebu and to the Top Cities in the Philippines. His partnership with CeBuJobs.PH helps him excel on the niche he loves. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Articles by this Author

The Perks of Having Millennials in the Workplace

Perks of Having Millennials in the Workplace

Most of the millennials are now safely engulfed in the working world. In fact, millennials make up a majority of the US workforce and by 2020, Gen Y is expected to form 50% of the global share. If you aren’t aware, millennials have had their lion’s share of a bad reputation since they have come of age. Considered […]

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Job Hunting Do’s and Don’ts for Fresh Graduates

Job Hunting Do's and Don'ts for Fresh Graduates

Job hunting after college can almost certainly be stressful, especially if you’re a fresh graduate who hasn’t had to job search for some time, if ever. Not to worry, almost everyone goes through this stage at some point in their lives and I promise, we all felt how you do. Luckily, we’ve already been there and have created […]

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