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5 Tech Universities with the Most Impressive Alumni

Geniuses don’t normally grow on trees. Sure, the occasional genius drops out of school and starts a company from his garage, but most geniuses work hard at their studies and use the resources provided by their university to realize their potential. It’s no surprise that the schools with the most impressive lists of alumni are […]

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From Hopeful to Hired – How to Land Your Dream Job in 2018

There are 224 days left of 2018 as this article is being written. That’s over 5,000 hours, yet they can fly past quickly. If getting a dream job was on your plans for 2018, then it’s time to stop dreaming and start acting (if you haven’t yet started). So, how can you land your dream […]

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Kill Two Birds With One Stone: The Art of Combining Studies and Work

When people consider going back to college or university, many of them fear they won’t be able to do well in their studies and work a part-time or full-time job at the same time. Countless students across the globe have proved it is possible. Of course, balancing the two can be tricky and it’s not for everyone. […]

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How To Answer Five Common, But Difficult Interview Questions

Preparing for a job interview could be a difficult task when you think about all the possible questions you may be asked. Everyone stresses about that list of questions in the hands of the interviewer, giving them full control over conversation. However, preparing some answers to potential questions beforehand can really help. With that in […]

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8 Strategies Every Sales Department Should Implement

Sales are the lifeblood of most companies. So, if you are part of the sales department, you have a lot on your shoulders. It can seem overwhelming if there is company-wide change that will directly affect (and likely improve) your sales processes because new tools and strategies are being implemented and at times, it can […]

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Infographic: How to Appear More Confident in Job Interviews

Job interviews are one of the times in your life when you most need to appear your most confident whilst often feeling a complete lack in confidence inside. They are a stressful experience for almost everyone, no matter how qualified you might be for the role or how self-assured you might normally be. However, despite […]

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5 Awesome Jobs That Fill Your Pockets To Explore The World

People dream of that job that pays them to travel the world. It is basically the job that is made out of passion and not by any obligation. For travelers, the ultimate dream is to see every place, go everywhere and, in today’s time, there are jobs that can allow you to travel the world […]

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A Job Can Make Or Break Your Mental Health – Here’s Why

In our adult years, we spend the majority of our time at work, thinking about work or doing work-related things, which is exactly why we need to have a conversation about employee mental health. The right jobs can make us feel fulfilled, useful and connected to the wider world, but the wrong ones can grind us […]

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How to Relieve Stress for a Productive Day at Work

Do you feel drained? You’re not alone. In today’s busy world, juggling your work and responsibilities at home can have an impact on your health. Working all day then going home to  household chores, grocery shopping, making dinner and trying to cram in quality time with your kids or social time with friends can leave us all […]

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Infographic: 11 Signs Your Career is Stuck in a Rut

Job security feels like more and more of a vintage phrase: it’s something your parents may have enjoyed, but only the most retro of your contemporaries claim to have it today. Well, perhaps things aren’t that bad – but the increasing scarcity of permanent, reliable work certainly increases the value of those jobs that are […]

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