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Philip Bryant

Philip Bryant is a content writer and an inspired guest post writer. He writes useful life tips and he believes that his articles can help people. Philip's life motto is 'If you believe, you can achieve'.

Are People Who Read a Lot More Successful at Work?

Are People Who Read a Lot More Successful at Work_

Most of our upbringing we were taught the importance of reading; be it from our parents or school teachers. It has become a part of our identity, but as time goes by and the responsibilities of adult life creep in, many of us stopped reading much. With social media and technology taking over our lives, it’s a wonder […]

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8 Best Freelance Ghostwriting Jobs Online in 2018

8 Best Online Freelance Ghostwriting Jobs in 2018

Many writers are opting to do freelance writing because of the financial benefit. Then there are those writers who are afraid of doing ghostwriting in the fear of being conned. I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of legitimate freelance writing gigs out there and that you can make a lot of […]

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